ROVENSO is a startup of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne (EPFL) founded in January 2016. We are based in Lausanne and have offices and workshop in Shenzhen (China) thanks to the accelerator With our agile robots, we perform autonomous patrolling for security monitoring both outside & inside of industrial sites. Our innovation is a unique combination of a (patented) high mobility robot with a multimodal anomaly detection fusing 3D mapping, night vision, sound analysis and thermal analysis. With a pre-seed of 260k in January 2016, we built 3 successive generation of robots, started 2 pilot projects in China and Switzerland with potential distributors, and established our supply chain of all key components in Shenzhen. Our core team reached 4FTE in Lausanne. Recent Awards: Swisscom Challenge winner 2018, MassChallenge Switzerland 2018, 2nd Prize IAEA Robotzics Challenge 2017, Newcomers in the Top100 Startups of Switzerland 2017, Finalist RED HERRING 2017 Top100 Europe Video of the mobility of the robot:

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