Why not open your own business collaboratively, quickly, safely and at no cost? Different experiences and human abilities towards a common goal increase creativity, foster innovation and generate results above the goal and, believing in this exchange of experiences, we created SevenJoin in 2017, a collaborative platform for entrepreneurship. Like all entrepreneurs, not having money at the beginning of a Startup is normal, but learning the lesson that a good idea is the one that we get out of the role, we need to open the mind and understand that no one can create something alone and for their good idea have to be complemented by other experiences. The Brazilian Startup connects different professional experiences, its users can publish their ideas and projects in a safe way within the platform, in a practical and confidential way. When you post the idea on the platform, you can negotiate with other users to share your idea in exchange for the complementary experience and work of another user. In addition to the connectivity we offer all online control of processes and work deliveries of each member of the project, with the completed project take care of all legal advice and opening of the company without cost and when everything validated present you to a bank of partners, accelerators and investors to leverage your business. "SevenJoin's goal is to make life easier for an entrepreneur by identifying points of interest between them so that in common goals, they can negotiate a share of their ideas in exchange for complementary work and experience that the creator of the idea does not have, model in which, it allows users to create projects from scratch, at no cost and much faster, using only, relational intelligence and common interests, "says - Junior Valverde - CEO SevenJoin. In 12 months we were able to gather: 17 Projects 58 Professionals involved R $ 4 million traded among professionals.

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