In recent years, mobile robots have become an incredibly efficient tool to extensively automatize warehouses and factory floors. However, the high costs and limitations of the adopted technology do not allow safe and reliable operations in more unstructured and dynamic environments. Thanks to its advanced technology, Sevensense aims to overcome such limitations and push the adoption of robotics across new industries spanning from professional cleaning to parcel delivery, inspection and many others. To do so, Sevensense is developing a versatile autonomous navigation solution that can be installed on mobile platforms to transform them into efficient robots. Sevensense believes that robotics will transform the future of work and is determined to play a key role in this revolution. Some Sevensense figures: Year of foundation: 2018 Number of employees: 13 Supporting entities: Wyss Zurich, ESA Business Incubator Center in Switzerland, Gebert Ruf Foundation, Innosuisse, NCCR Robotics, Venture Kick Expected commercialization: early 2020

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