Siang Ng

Siang has been an inspiring and innovative leader at Gushcloud Marketing Group for more than five years. He has helped the company grow and expand in Asia. With a supportive team, he spearheaded several huge campaigns. Currently, as Gushcloud Marketing Group's Chief Executive Officer, he is in charge of the company’s sales and marketing, expansion and partnership opportunities, business development, investor and top-tier client relations, and technology. Siang started as an intern at Gushcloud Malaysia in 2012. After three months, he was appointed as the Country Manager. After establishing Gushcloud Malaysia, Siang became the company's partner in the country in 2014. In 2016, Siang did not only lead Gushcloud Malaysia, but also developed and handled Gushcloud Philippines. In 2017, he developed the office in Vietnam and he was promoted as Gushcloud Marketing Group's Chief Executive Officer. Last year, he led the expansion of Gushcloud Marketing Group in China - the company's ninth office in Asia. Aside from expansions, Siang also spearheaded several huge campaigns. He led the first in a long time national influencer campaign for Nestle Philippines Infant Nutrition brand, NAN Kid. With the help of his team, Siang created a Swiss Escape with rising parenting influencer Cat Carambulo to discover the science behind NAN’s formula, and making it accessible knowledge to the general public. Gushcloud team went to Switzerland to visit Nestle HQ. They were also in charge of content production and covered the whole experience. Also, Siang pioneered Hotlink’s Korean influencer collaboration in Malaysia with Korea’s top mukbang and beauty influencers, @Banzz and @Ssin. The digital videos were the most viewed ad campaign by Hotlink in the year of 2017. Furthermore, Siang, together with Gushcloud Singapore, worked with DBS for their Recycle More, Waste Less campaign. This environmental-friendly project involved guerilla marketing, seeding, and influencers CSR giveaway. Guerilla activations drove most of the user-generated content. Influencer marketing and CSR received high engagements proving that there was increase in awareness. Siang was the Co-Executive Producer of the second edition of Influence Asia, Asia’s largest social media awards show. He was responsible for bringing in major sponsors and collaborators such as Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia Airlines, and Malaysia’s leading telecommunications company Hotline. The show was participated by 8 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and China. The awards show garnered a total reach of 273.8 million, coming from 292 influencers, more than 10,000 social media mentions, 1 international artiste, 12 regional artistes and presenters, and 290 media coverage. Under Siang's leadership, Gushcloud Marketing Group reached a revenue of SGD 6.8 million in 2016; SGD 14 million in 2017, 105% increase vs 2016; SGD 20 million in 2018, 42.85% increase vs 2017.

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