Smart Palletizer

Smart Robotics was founded in 2015 aiming to develop smart, flexible, safe and user-friendly robot solutions. Intelligent software for fast and flexible cobot deployment is our core business. Smart Robotics has three different business units, Packaging, Logistics and Incubator, each focusing on different markets. Within Packaging, the Smart Palletizer is our main solution for the Food and Pharma industries, already sold to 30+ different customers all over the world and scaling rapidly. Looking at these industries (typically Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)), we see that the variation in the production process continues to increase, and that the industry is struggling to quickly adapt to these changes. Besides, new players continuously enter the market. Customers in the Food & Pharma industry typically produce 24/7 and want to produce locally and close to natural resources. However, a shortage of manpower and/or qualified technical personnel is a problem. In addition, 24/7 production requires a flexibly deployable workforce which cannot always be realized. Also, the often physically challenging and repetitive work at a production line causes problems with the sustainable employability of employees. Furthermore, factories do not have enough square meters available for a large technical installation. Traditional robot solutions are large, rigid and inflexible; for each new box to palletize an expert programmer is needed to reprogram the system. Additionally, these solutions often ask for a large investment and their reusability is low. That is where our Smart Palletizer offers a solution. The Smart Palletizer is an end-of-line solution for the ultra-flexible palletizing of products. It requires minimum space and is directly accessible from all sides. With our 3D printed grippers it lifts products up to 8kg with a speed of 6 boxes per minute (up to 12 with double pick). Reducing the strain on people, it is a valuable addition to a factory’s workforce. It is Smart, Safe & Simple: Smart: Because of our Smart Software, our core business, the robot can easily adjust itself to a new assignment, changes in the environment or product variations. They are quickly up-and-running with a new installation or product change. We solve mechanical challenges through our software. Because of regular software updates uploaded to the Smart Palletizer in the field, we let them benefit from the latest developed skills. These updates are generated from the user data which is recorded on the robots, allowing us to continuously update and tailor our systems to the needs of the ‘crowd’. Safe: The safe cooperation with cobots is at the forefront of all our developments. The special force sensors in all joints restrict the forces at impact. We comply with all appropriate regulations developed for cobots. Additionally, we implement safety in our designs, for example with our 3D printed grippers. Simple: It is important that even non-technically educated employees can work with our solutions. Because of its user-friendly interface and its self-correcting abilities, the Smart Palletizer is easy to use and configure, even by non-trained employees. There is no need for programming or teach-in. It can adjust itself to changes in the environment and product range, based on the instructions of an employee. Also, the grippers can be changed-over easily. Because of its simplicity, operators can solve most service questions themselves. If assistance is needed, our service team can assist them online and at location.

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