Research in microgravity Gravity can be a disrupting factor for scientists and researchers, because it may distort the underlying physical processes they attempt to study. It is fundamental for scientists to create microgravity conditions to better observe and control phenomena and processes that are normally masked by the effects of gravity, and to perform experiments that would be impossible on the Earth's surface. Microgravity environment provides an extraordinary lab, where phenomena and physical processes can be observed and investigate without the distortion experienced on Earth. The changes in fluid behavior in microgravity lie at the heart of the studies in pharma, bio-tech, nutrition, materials science and many other aspects of life sciences. Microgravity Research Potential It was evidential along the history of mankind, that each time a new physics medium has been harnessed, breakthrough and capital creation have occurred. The microgravity environment has the potential to enable a quantum leap discovery for several major sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Nutrition, Cosmetics, and others, opening new frontiers as a solution to the limitations of what they can achieve on earth, restricted by gravity SpacePharma – microgravity research in the palm of your hand SpacePharma provides researcher, institutes and commercial companies an easy and affordable access to the unique environment of microgravity. our novel technology enables researchers around the world to perform microgravity research with our cutting-edge remote-control technology and labs in space. SpacePharma recognizes the growing need and high value of data obtained in-orbit and is dedicated to increasing researcher access to the unique environment of microgravity. The company has developed a valuable set of remote controlled research platforms that require no astronaut intervention to operate and contains a range of capabilities that enable researchers to conduct complex chemical and biological experiments in space, while controlling it from their own computers. Recently, SpacePharma was named one of the top 2018’s Most Innovative Companies in the Space Sector by Fast Company Magazine (3), SpacePharma is an innovative global start-up company who has demonstrated abilities to implement life science and chemistry research projects in microgravity. SpacePharma SA (est. 2012) is headquartered in Switzerland with two wholly owned subsidiaries: a research and development facility in Israel (SpacePharma R&D) and a science integration laboratory in the US (SpacePharma Inc.). The SpacePharma team is composed of a diverse, passionate space and science experts with experience in life science, chemistry, engineering, space technology, and international business development arenas. Beginning with a successful demonstration of technology in parabolic flight (Oct. 2016), SpacePharma has since successfully deployed and operated a Nano-satellite mission containing 4 different biochemical and chemical experiments (DIDO2; Feb. 2017) and deployed 2 miniaturized labs on a return mission to the ISS (NEXUS I; Nov. 2017 - Jan. 2018 & NEXUS II; Nov. 2018 – Jan. 2019). SpacePharma has designed its advanced Lab-on-Chip systems to support a variety of research fields which can benefit from experimentation in Low Earth Orbits (LEO). SpacePharma technology SpacePharma technology, services and network, enables clients around the world to perform Micro Gravity Remote Research (MGRR), integrates significant advantages including: • End to End solution – From an Idea to a solution: Design -> Create -> Intervene-> Repeat and Report • Holistic Scientific Support – to assure its client a successful design, planning and execution of the research • Research in space performed and controlled by clients own R&D team – SpacePharma mini lab satellites have the only technology to enable self and continuous monitoring and control of clients’ research in space • Accessibility - enables its client a simple access to the microgravity research acting as the focal point with a holistic solution • Cost Effective solution – huge potential for new scientific breakthroughs and capital creation

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