StartupItalia Crowdfunding Success Story 2019

Today we are the largest Italian community dedicated to startup founders and investors. We are an innovative SME and our financial statements are certified by EY. We create content to inform, entertain and engage our readers and our partners on topics ranging from new technologies, to social, from circular economy, to cybersecurity, from artificial intelligence, to blockchain, to sports, fintech and education. We do it with a team of 20 talents in Milan and Florence that daily create and organize a magazine red by over 1 million people: founders of startups and investors, but also students, managers, researchers and developers up to traditional companies with over 600 authors and 50,000 subscribers to the newsletter. We organize the StartupItalia Open Summit, from 2015 the largest Italian event dedicated to the startup ecosystem with 10,000 participants in a single day, 100 partners, 120 investors, 200 national and international speakers and 110,000 people who watched it live via Facebook live. With investors who will support us, we will implement an ambitious, innovative and scalable project, built on 3 pillars: (1) Create a new generation publisher, with a strong video vocation, that becomes the reference point for the Italian technological and startup ecosystem; (2) Launch the largest digital training academy for the professions of the future and the new business; (3) Building the main Italian community that can bring together startups, companies and investors in a data driven platform, a physical space in Milan and a series of events. In addition, 4Books, the startup of Marco Montemagno, will be part of the perimeter of StartupItalia. We create a district, a physical place in Milan but also a digital platform, which unites founders, investors, students and companies so that the whole ecosystem can be seen, can speak openly with all investors and all Italian accelerators and international. We will do it at the Frigoriferi Milanesi ex-factory and we will provide 3,000 square meters for newsroom and community, 8,000 square meters for events and networking and 1,000 square meters for training. You can download the plain business and all the public information here:

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