“SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning” Campaign

CAMPAIGN TITLE: SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning ( 威寶EX 《洗滌文學》) BRAND: SWIPE Hong Kong AGENCY: Spoon Digital Limited LAUNCH DATE: July 2018 DURATION: 2 months MEDIA USED: Digital, TV, Print, Retail, Events Online: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, KOL channels, Publisher’s channels, earned media Other channels: TVC, Print (newspaper column, ad), Hong Kong Book Fair special display, Major book stores TARGET AUDIENCE: Young families DETAILS: Challenges + Business Objectives SWIPE was established in Houston, USA in 1965 when it invented its first miracle home cleaner. It was initially marketed as a grease cutter for the NASA Mercury Space program but later rebranded as household cleaner and has been growing its market presence in Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Japan and Korea since 1970s. SWIPE is one of the major market players in the category of household cleaning detergents in Hong Kong. The business growth is stable but there is a lack of explosive up-trend in recent years. However, the new growth trajectory was identified and fuelled by a new and potential consumer segment in cleaning market. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicted the global middle class would increase from 1.8 billion in 2009 to 4.9 billion by 2030. With increasing disposable incomes, consumers will likely opt for premium cleaning products. Nielsen’s study showed that family members were likely to share the responsibilities of housework and look for products reducing the time spent spent on cleaning. This explains the rapid growth of competitive brands in the market and customers are getting not brand loyal. Product extension is a product strategy adopted by many well established brands to sustain their long term growth, SWIPE realised the need to infuse perception of core brand on new products to accommodate various categories of consumers. In mid 2018, SWIPE introduced two new products called SWIPE EX Series featuring “Extra Product Strength” to expand the consumer base and respond to the changing market situation. The new products offer stronger kitchen and bathroom cleaning performance with fresh floral fragrance. This new product series aim to attract 1) busy young families who look for easy-to-use product with high performance; 2) existing loyal customers who look for premium cleaners for specific cleaning purposes. Challenges Beyond Inertia Detergents are generally defined as low involvement products and consumers normally do not spend too much time researching, comparing or shopping around before purchase. To deal with the cases of fast, non-deliberate and impulsive consumer decision making, leading brands of low involvement products have been immersed in reinforcing brand awareness, building top-of-mind and developing the inertia in buying habits among their target groups. Consumers normally cannot easily tell the distinctive differences in the performances of different detergent brands. It is therefore challenging to promote the new product series which do not own any explicit differences over SWIPE’s existing cleaning detergents. It is also hard to explain the actual benefits of the EX Series to the consumers as the cleaning performance of the detergents depends mainly on the variation in the formula of surfactants with cleaning properties in dilute solutions. Purchase of home cleaning detergents are usually made by the end users, such as housewives and foreign domestic helpers. The brand’s current brand positioning fails to reach the young segments who do not do much washing. Objectives There are a few objectives for this campaign: 1. To increase awareness of the new SWIPE EX Series 2. To expand the customer base to young families who look for easy-to-use product with high performance 3. To enhance brand preference and make people buy beyond inertia 4. To attract existing loyal customers who look for premium cleaners for specific cleaning purposes. Solution SWIPE Hong Kong used to work with traditional advertising agency and use traditional advertising media to reach the target market. In order to extend the market to the young segment, SWIPE decided to carry out digital and social media marketing initiatives with a through-the-line promotion strategy. We formulated an integrated marketing campaign, from idea generation, product packaging, KOL engagement to the use of unconventional promotion and distribution channel. Creative Strategies: Creation of “SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning” (威寶EX 《洗滌文學》) We switched from the strategy of using functional appeal to emotional appeal. As the market leader, simply emphasising the rational and functional elements of the new products such as the functional fragrance of the ingredients and extra cleaning power would not be able to create brand preference. As one of the top brands in the category, creating brand differentiation is the key to win. It is our belief that the detergent itself can be a carrier for conveying messages and emotions. Practicing gratitude for everyday life to your family and caretakers can offer a whole new perspective and sense of joy in the whole cleaning experience. The ideas were executed by the creative proposition of “SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning”. Users would find valuable meaning in mundane chores and ordinary moments with the inspiring communication messages on the specially designed product packaging. Execution Turn Creative Ideas Into Action The entire SWIPE EX promotion leverages on a list of well-written and thought-provoking kitchen or toilet quotes printed on the product labels. Contents on the special edition product package are thought-provoking and humorous, making it both eye-catching and engaging. We promoted mindfulness-based stress reduction by doing household cleaning or washing. There are two editions of product packaging built on the theme of “SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning”: Standard Gold & Silver Version: 8 x Mindfulness-related quotes related to cleaning and washing Limited Author Edition: 10 x Mindfulness-related poetry or quotes in the format of popular literature written by ten famous literature writers/ KOL who have broad audience base in Hong Kong. The standard edition products are available at supermarkets or grocery retail chains, while the special author edition products were sold at Hong Kong’s largest chain bookstores and the biggest annual book fair held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We formulated an integrated marketing communications services, from idea generation, product packaging design, KOL engagement to channel distribution. Firstly, we have prepared viral contents regarding the intriguing product packaging design. An additional tailor-made version is made for a social media game UGC campaign. Facebook users are invited to express their gratitude towards their beloved ones (especially their domestic helpers, parents and partner taking care of house cleaning) by their own original quotes. KOLs / authors called for submissions by hosting a competition on their own facebook pages to find out the best quote. Winners would get a tailor-made user-generated version of product with their own quotes. e.g. “Mum, you may leave the dishes by the sink. I will be back to do the washing soon. Please wait” (阿媽,辛苦既話,留番我等陣洗……我會盡快做完d野就去洗,請妳等等……😅) Secondly, we have fully utilised paid, owned and earned media to promote the campaign. a) For paid media, we have placed ads on TV and print newspapers. b) We have posted the viral video on SWIPE’s owned media, namely Facebook page and Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_3yDFFimmY ). c) For earned media, we have invited key influencers to share our posts to arouse attention and interest. We have also posted the videos on various Facebook community. d) Our eye-catching product placement at Hong Kong’s largest chain bookstores - The Commercial Press and the annual Hong Kong Book Fair with the record high of one million visitors assured high earned media value. Thirdly, we have altered the product placement and pricing strategy. While the standard gold and silver SWIPE EX designs are available at major supermarkets and grocery stores, and the limited Author's editions are only available at Hong Kong’s largest chain bookstores and the annual Hong Kong Book Fair as literature merchandise, gaining the presence at the high traffic venues reaching not only the book lovers but the younger segments. The new SWIPE EX series, set price at HK$29.9, are available in both physical retail and online stores. The products adopted the premium pricing strategy, which creates a premium brand perception over its strengthened product feature and higher value. Results The results and feedback are way beyond expectation. 1. Sales The product sales are 7 times more than the previous SWIPE’s new product launch. 2. Create immediate uplift in social media engagement This campaign has greatly generated the marketing buzz both online and offline. Campaign related mentions can be found across Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong on various Facebook Pages, news columns and coverage, Facebook personal accounts. We have also generated effective exposure via the collaboration with 10+ key influencers in the region with the total fan base over 1.6 million. Even people discussed the campaign in one of the largest Chinese teachers’ Whatsapp group in Hong Kong. SWIPE EX Literature of Mindful Cleaning campaign has generated good performance of impression and reach. Comparing to regular posts and videos on facebook, the post reach of SWIPE EX Literature post is 447,657, which is higher than normal posts. For the YouTube channel, the campaign video has achieved 685,758 views, with view duration 57 second out of 1 minute and a high completion rate of 95%.

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