Tam Development llc

Tam Development LLC was established in 2012 with the purpose of engaging and activating the public and helping them reach their full potential. Over the past years, Tam has successfully designed and implemented over 50 local and regional projects in partnership with 20 government and private entities in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region. Tam platforms have attracted more than 50 million visitors, engaged more than 2 million users through social media and impacted around 500,000 participants. This has led Tam to become among the top leading companies in public engagement and activation in KSA. Tam’s success has been recognized globally through several international awards including, the UN World Summit Award, the International Star for Quality, the Bizz Award and, the Most Promising Saudi Startups, and ISO 9001:2015. In Tam, we believe in the power of the public to co-define their challenges and co-create effective solutions. Rather than forcing massive standardized programs, we develop bottom-up initiatives using the energy of positive thinkers and pioneers in our community. We also believe that when digital possibilities meet the power of connectivity and crowdsourcing, the feasibility of execution becomes realistic. Furthermore, Tam Management provides a “Turn-Key” solution that covers the range of expertise required to execute initiatives from start to finish. We apply professional project management practices to assure successful implementation through multimedia management, content development, platform operation, on-going activation supervision, event and workshop curation, digital media strategy and planning, crowdsourcing management as well as a comprehensive project planning. To ensure customer satisfaction, Tam develops customized solutions to enrich initiatives and enable clients to create social impact most dynamically and innovatively. One of Tam’s most successful public engagement and crowdsourcing online initiative is Israr Award. Through studying the nature of the Saudi community; the research and development team at Tam have found that some Saudi youth are facing problems in finding a job or starting a new business as they’re passive, unconfident, and inflexible. Further social studies and analysis have been conducted to develop a solution that drives a cognitive and a behavioral change in the Saudi youth. This behavioral change motivates the target audience to overcome obstacles in building their careers (job seeking/entrepreneurship). Results have encountered inspiring stories that unleashed perseverance of the Saudi youth. Being inspired by Saudi perseverance, that award was called Israr to reflect Israr the top perseverant and inspiring characters in Arabic. Israr Award aims to inspire Saudis through shedding light on current youth who overcame obstacles and hardships to reach their dream job or establish their new successful business. Due to the enormous success, Israr has made, the initiative has continued for three consecutive seasons: Israr Award 2013, Israr Award 2014, and Israr Award 2015. In addition, the digital marketing campaign of Israr was focused on using key digital marketing tools including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, electronic direct marketing (EDM) and Snapchat. Some included push strategies such as the advertisement, and others included pull strategies such as influencers and ambassadors. An integrated marketing mix between the specific tool, correct ambassadors and the content sent to the public was the key ingredient in the campaign success. Understanding the right mix allowed Tam to have the know-how to be strong and specific in its targeting enabling us to achieve the highest results in the most cost-efficient way. To achieve the optimum objectives and activate the target audience, different direct marketing tools had been implemented in 2015. This activation phase included visiting different shopping malls and engaging promoters in the three major cities of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam). As a result, over 2,500 stories were recorded on site in the total of 5 days; and have reached 10,000 citizens. Tam believes in the inclusion of all citizens; thus the direct marketing campaign also involved bus ads, and catalysts to reach out audience in rural areas that were outside of the main cities. Moreover, the PR campaign of 2014 used different channels that included TV and Radio interviews, TV and Radio ads, newspaper, press releases, magazines, and online articles. The campaign has accumulated over 43 TV and Radio interviews, 40 offline/online articles featuring the award, 343 offline/online press releases, and 22 Radio and newspapers ads. The first year of the award, Israr social media interactions with the public reached 91,000 interactions (likes, comments, replies, retweets), this was multiplied by almost ten times that figure by the third year reaching 970,000 interactions, 8,670,000 platform visits, 11,300 submissions, and 301,800 public votes. Below are some of the initiative videos: https://youtu.be/IbpR2c0oz0k https://youtu.be/EnDIku66zUc Furthermore, after years of experience and high-level achievements in the field of public engagement and crowdsourcing, Tam has developed Jasarah, the ideal solution for creating, managing and deploying global standards in a fast-paced world that requires constant readiness, high flexibility, and advanced technology. Jasarah is a crowdsourcing and initiative management platform that enables entities to engage the public and activate societies at a click of a button. It can be used for different kinds of projects ranging from online competitions, awards, idea generation hubs, talent gathering hubs, hackathons, fellowship/scholarship programs to anything that the client desires to create with the same process Jasarah offers. Jasarah is positioned as the platform in which entities can achieve optimal results by reaching out to the public in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It is a platform that helps entities minimize their dependency on outsourcing, be more in control over their own projects and initiatives, digitize their traditional processes in innovative ways, and be able to allocate their resources more effectively and efficiently since Jasarah does not require a great deal of workforce. Also, Jasarah is a solution that has been developed to serve clients throughout all their initiative/program stages starting from receiving online submissions to selecting the best of them. The platform allows users to build and customize their initiative/program's landing page as well as the submission forms depending on their initiative/program concept. Moreover, the platform is designed to assist users in filtering submissions during the nomination stage based on selected criteria reflected on multiple choice scorecards. The platform also offers an online voting system, dual language support (Arabic and English), responsive design, posts’ updates, draft mode, email notifications, reporting and more. https://jasarah.net/

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