Tixeet // Live Music Crowdfunded

Tixeet is the platform to set up and crowd fund live music events by pre-selling tickets in a simple and costless way. Tixeet is a marketplace where venues find and invite best matching artists. In few clicks, the venue sets the event specifying its own costs and the ticket target. The artist receives the invitation and enters his fees for the event. Tixeet calculates the ticket price so that all costs and fees are covered when the ticket target is reached. After visualizing the ticket price, the venue eventually approves the event. Tixeet runs the crowdfunding campaigns by pre-selling tickets to the fans. If the ticket target is reached the event happens and everybody earns, if not, not a single euro is wasted. This way venues and artists have full control over their costs and fees and fans are always sure they're paying the minimum possible price for tickets that guarantees costs coverage and the event sustainability. Tixeet is now open for applications by venues and artists. The Beta release is scheduled at the end of February.

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