Torre Milano

Torre Milano was the first real-estate crowdfunding campaing in the most developed and interesting area in Italy: Milan! The campaign was the biggest "launch" ever in Italy for a crowdfunding platform, and was overfunded (750.000 on a target of 500.000 euro) in only 2 weeks. The campaign was particularly designed to meet all the needs of both the offering company (OPM srl) and the investors, and : - for the first time in Italy, it introduced a trust company between the investors and the company, in order to ease administrative burden for both parties, increase privacy and enhance the development of a secondary market - was built on a put/call option scheme after 12 months, at fixed and negotiated rates of return (11.8%) - was set up to finance the 8th tallest residential building in Milan, a 25 stories skscraper with all the latest requirements in terms of enviroment and domotics

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