FliteTrak’s ‘smart’ airline seat monitor system ViatorAero is the first intelligent remote monitoring technology proven to work for aircraft interiors. It monitors individual seats for variables including temperature, movement, seat belt closure and mobile phone activation as well as overhead locker operation and cabin air quality. Data from sensors built into individual seats and around the cabin is streamed in real time to an app on flight attendants’ tablets. For example, they can see which passengers have seatbelts open. Through movement sensors, attendants can monitor passengers who are unwell, needing assistance or disruptive. Alerts can also be sent if certain activity levels are detected. Sensors can be fitted retrospectively as well as new – extending the life of hardware and aircraft. Air sensors can track for a range of substances, including smoke, CO2, ozone, LPG/propane and hydrogen. ViatorAero’s predictive maintenance capabilities can save carriers time and money through smoother transitions, reduced delays, improved safety and more efficient MRO programmes. It can also deliver ‘big data’ for analysis of passenger behaviour, the activation of certain functions, and the performance and lifecycles of cabin hardware. FliteTrak is developing AI with machine learning. Other firms may use sensors and data loggers, but ViatorAero is unique in its use of data, turning it into real time information for more advanced aircraft, smoother flights, greater customer satisfaction and more efficient operations on the ground and in the sky.

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