THE CHALLENGE Searching for, auditioning, and hiring professional voice talent is a time-intensive process that encompasses hours of time in an effort to complete a project. THE LANDSCAPE Before Voices.com, a buyer would need to work with their advertising agency, write a script, and define project specifications, then engage a casting director who will in turn coordinate with several talent agencies to have their talent audition for the job. This process can take several days, costing at least $1500 for studio time, engineering costs and administrative expenses. HEADWINDS FOR ASPIRING ARTISTS For the seller, in this case, the voice talent, especially those who are not represented by a talent agent, they may lack the necessary marketing muscle to secure larger contracts and may be unsure how best to payment terms and ultimately collecting payment. CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES FOR MINORITIES The art of voice acting is one of those rare professions where people can learn the skills and operate from home-based recording studios without biases that can occur in face-to-face encounters. The opportunities for those who may identify with a certain people group is that they are judged purely on their skill and performance. FACILITATING HIRING THE BEST VOICE Voices.com makes a conscious effort to showcase voice actors in an honorable way. The entire experience is based around the act of listening. Search results and job posting responses feature audio players so that the emphasis is placed on listening and hiring the right person based upon their voice. OUR VISION FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE Voices.com's vision (our "why") is to positively impact the world through the power of the human voice. This is the power to educate, inform and entertain audiences around the world by sharing those brand messages and telling the stories that need to be told. To accomplish this, we're laser focused on our mission (the "what") which is to connect brands with voices around the world. We aspire to be the definitive destination for voice over and language services on the web. Our measure of success is to have at least one voice talent available from every tongue representing nearly 7000 languages spoken in the world today (1)(2). We believe we can provide a service to humanity by providing the platform to capture the languages spoken as well as a means for speakers of these languages to generate an income by pursuing voice acting careers, being vocal ambassadors for brands and organizations. Our vision to create the definitive destination for the human voice includes both endangered languages but also more common languages. By creating a platform where buyers and sellers can interact, we're empowering people to contribute to our global economic future. Meet Anatol Silotch, who records voice overs from home for companies like Samsung and FC Barcelona. He bought a microphone and made a crude recording booth in his sister's apartment, using a cardboard washing machine box (3). There's nothing we'd love more than to continue hearing those stories! (1) https://www.linguisticsociety.org/content/how-many-languages-are-there-world (2) https://www.ethnologue.com/guides/how-many-languages (3) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/anatol-silotch-doctor-voice-actor-1.4503207

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