Our vision at WeavAir is to reduce energy consumption and costs of HVAC systems through Ai-enabled networked sensor add-ons for the HVAC systems, while improving the health and wellbeing of building occupants. The devices measure key diagnostic metrics streaming wirelessly in real time, helping measure HVAC performance efficiency, improve indoor air quality predict failure and improve energy savings. The system is easy to integrate in any type of building or facility, even those with legacy systems installed. The devices are wireless (communicate data and receive power from a proprietary wireless platform) and are easy to deploy and maintain at scale. The solution is both personalized (tracking occupant-specific metrics) and adaptable (i.e. responding to changes in environmental conditions). As such, the system can optimize the operation of HVAC and provide actionable insights to building managers. The system automates building management through effective alerts and storing the data in digital maintenance ledger based on blockchain, which acts a state machine for building operations, automating and logging all the key operations, while making the data communications secure. We are also developing a smaller version of the WeavAir module to be integrated in vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks and planes).

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