WINGS Foundation

WINGS is a crowdsourced platform on top of Ethereum for the creation of decentralized financial forecasts powered by a global community of analysts. The WINGS mission is to create an entirely transparent and decentralized service for valuation of projects and tokens. In the modern market environment, when investors cannot afford to make wrong decisions, WINGS aims to provide the community with unbiased and fair evaluations and rating powered by a global community of analysts. DApp combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and human valuations to provide companies with valuable information on their fundraising potential. With WINGS, projects can understand how much funds they can raise during ICO, which will assist them in decision-making. The first forecasting events of ICOs and TGEs were introduced in 2017 during the Bancor funding event. With 44 successful projects in the pre-Beta version, developers could understand the primary needs of forecasters, as well as project owners, to build a set of interfaces to integrate custom Ethereum-based token generation contracts into the WINGS ecosystem. Currently, DApp offers the best crowd analysis in the industry backed by a high-performance AI system and expert valuations. WINGS has a proven history of successful projects, which benefited from the use of valuation services. Since 2017, 44 organizations took advantage of WINGS services to raise nearly $700 million. Aurora DAO, PolySwarm, WePower, CoinDash, AdEx, and Fan Controlled Football League are just a few of the projects benefiting from WINGS valuations. In the Beta version, the team introduced coin valuations of Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and GRAM to meet the needs of traders, holders and speculators during challenging time for the industry. Accurate forecasts on a coin’s price 3 to 12 months in advance will help market players to deal with critical risks on the crypto market and minimize losses. All valuations are powered by a global community of professionals. WINGS DApp enables funders, creators and evaluators to work together in a reputation-based economic system. Community members can submit a forecast of promising projects helping them to thrive and gain initial support. Users can also reject scam or undesirable projects that do not have potential in the industry. DApp also has its own token - WINGS, which can be used to initiate a forecast or a crowdfunding event. A project can provide a reward in the form of WINGS, ETH, or another token to boost valuations. The most successful analysts are incentivized with Forecast Rating Increases, which impact the share of a monetary reward received by a forecaster from a project. Currently, there are 150 projects available for valuation, and this number is going to increase in the near future. Crowdsourced projects are the future of decentralized economies that will enable community members to make joint decisions promoting democratic values in societies. WINGS’ mission is the promotion of open decentralized architectures, which will restructure economies and bring new business models. WINGS fills a gap in the market for unbiased valuations providing investors, traders, project owners and funders with valuable knowledge of projects' potential.

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