Ausbildung mit VR

The project started in November 2018 with the processing and provision of disaster and accident scenarios for training in the medical and rescue service. In the meantime, the project has also taken over the preparation of learning content and the provision of virtual learning environments for training and further education in the nursing professions as well as for family carers, first aid, disaster and civil protection and medical emergency care (shock room simulator). Training with VR in the DRK Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe e.V. supports lecturers in the Institute for Education and Communication (IBK) in designing modern and efficient learning and training content for the areas of care, first aid and the training of emergency paramedics.

The project is supported by all participants, including the cooperation and industry partners, on a voluntary basis (and free of charge) with all necessary resources, such as time, personnel, technology, etc.

At present 5 district associations of the German Red Cross are actively involved, with a total number of volunteers served and or providing service of 1.500. We have the backing and support of 5 regional/federal associations that are administering a total of 210 further district associations who will join in our effort during 2020 and 2021.

At present we have wide support from the general public at large as well as the business community in Germany. Our project is supported among others but not limited to by Amazon, Stifterverband, Hexagon Inc, Leica Geosystems, HTC, Pico Interactive, Kandao Technologies, Fraunhofer Society, mobfish VR Studio and others. All of whom provide free of charge and on a voluntary/in-kind basis funds, technology (hard- and software) personal and other services.

We have been awarded the DIVR Business Award in the category "Best Impact" from the German Institute of virtual reality (DIVR) for service to the general public.

Our project proves that crowdsourcing does work on a large scale (for a whole country) and without investing cash for visibility or reach.

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