BOLD Awards provides partners with unparalleled access to the boldest, most dynamic and innovative companies and individuals around the world.

Massive Partnerships with 10 Major Conferences in the World

Conference founders / organizers as co-judges together with each sponsor of the category

BOLD Branding

Top 5 nominees from each category get a chance to speak at the unconference and organizers conferences (TBC from each conference organizer)

Database Growth

Share database with each conference organizer on the co-sponsored category

VIP Treatment

All the partners will have a complimentary 2 tickets to the Gala Dinner on March 25th, 2022 at H-FARM Venice, Italy.

Unconference Co-Host Opportunity

Unconference 2nd Day March 26th, 2022 @ H-FARM We seperate the audience in 5 groups and each conference founder / organizer together with the sponsor of the category will moderate the interactive content

We are happy to work with partners at all times to ensure a successful collaboration and an optimal outcome for all involved. Please email  [email protected] for further information and the latest availability.