BOLD Series

A series of virtual events that encourages staying connected with our industry nominees and movers to drive an inclusive and evolving conversation about their expertise and what it means to be BOLD.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 17th

11am UK Time

Scaleup Success: Digitising Finance Operations

Digital transformation has been key in responding to the recent disruptions and challenges for many industries and occupations – and finance is no exception.

Recent Events

Sept. 30th

5pm CET-European

Democratizing Space Frontier: Next Generation of Space Tech & Innovation

Space has never been the limit for technology and innovation. Enormous new possibilities and opportunities for space tech are opening up through open innovation and crowdsourcing.

June 30th

5pm CET-European

Predicting The Future Of Digital Marketplaces 

Digital Marketplaces are experiencing disruption thanks to the advances made in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, real-time personalization, and the scale and speed of the latest generation of cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many more. 

May 27th

10am CET-European

The World of Freelancing and Remote Working 

lMaking the World of Freelancing & Remote Working work as things return to normal, most employees now expect a blended approach to work – balancing remote work with trips to the office. Around 60% are saying they want to continue working from home which now forces companies to adopt a hybrid and fully remote approach with virtual workspace and physical offices.

Mar. 25th

5pm CET-European

How Agritech is changing access to Nutrition

The future of agriculture will be directly impacted by two of humanity’s biggest menaces on the horizon: population growth and climate change. Innovators working in agriculture have to figure out how to grow more food, faster, with fewer resources, by developing new technologies to scale up the planet’s food production mechanisms sustainably.

Mar. 4th

5pm CET-European

VR / AR & XR Technologies Shaping Our Future

Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (XR) Technologies – can be an excellent vehicle for team building exercises, business activities and open innovation.