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BOLD Awards recognizes top companies, projects and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world.


Crowdsourcing Week & H-FARM came together to organize the most innovative Awards program. Hosted in Venice, Italy @ H-FARM, this will be a unique awarding event which combines the power of the crowd and the hard work of individuals.

BOLD Awards was launched at the end of October, during the Crowdsourcing Week Global 2018 Conference in Washington DC. The Awards will showcase the best in the world from innovative businesses and individuals with diverse range of industries including Advertising, Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Robotics, Crowdfunding, Science, Space Frontier, Blockchain, ICO, AI, Online, Young Achievers and the list is still open. The BOLD winners will be recognized for their achievements by an outstanding panel of international judges from leading industries, entrepreneurs and business leaders, media and academics from across 4 continents and will get attractive and useful prizes from each category partner.

The host of this project will be the unique innovation platform – H-FARM, which is also the sponsor for the BOLDEST Open Innovation Category and the chairperson is Maurizio Rossi, Founder of H-FARM.

Bold Awards is aiming to engage more than 1,000 nominees from the public and private sector with only the top 50 being selected to join us in Venice, Italy, on April 5, 2019. The selection criteria will be informal and we’ll have the public involved in the judging process. Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria: Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, H-factor 10% (Human & Social)

Submissions are open starting from November 20, 2018 and will be closed on February 8, 2019. Submitting a project will be completely free until January 25th, 2019. After this date, a €25 fee will be applied for each entry. Out of this fee, €5 will go to H for Human Foundation to facilitate access to education, encouraging young people to follow their passions.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be BOLD, please complete your details here -> http://bold-awards.com/submit-your-project

About the venue.

For 13 years, H-FARM has been the innovation platform that supports the creation of new business models and the digital transformation and education of young people and Italian companies. H-FARM is the most important innovation center in Europe, established in 2005. A one-of-a-kind hub where Human Factor, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education are combined together. H-FARM has been the first in the world to adopt a model that brings together investments, business consultancy and digitally augmented educational programs all into one place. BOLD Awards will be hosted in the events room and the evening will continue on the terrace together with lots of surprizes

Chairperson: Maurizio Rossi

Co-Founder of H-FARM

Graduated as ship captain, after becoming vice champion of offshore powerboat racing he started his entrepreneurial carrier at the Rossi Group, his family business mainly involved in the luxury and newspaper publishing sectors. In the early '90s, he founded a division of the Group focused on action-sport apparel & equipment and he was in charge of developing the international business through new partnerships as well as licenses of some of the most established brands and companies, such as NoFear, Rusty, Spy Optics. Between 2002 and 2004, the acquisition of the Group's footwear branch by LVMH, as well as of the main publishing arm, produced a major way out of the family from their business. He then spent one year expanding Yachtworld.com, the leading yachting marketplace in the Mediterranean area. In 2005 he co-founded H-FARM together with his partner Riccardo, in order to pioneer the startup industry over Italy and Europe. He is also an executive member of the Vatican Art and Technology Council, chaired by Arianna Huffington and formed of selected senior technologists and art experts from all over the world, and a member of the Kellogg Innovation Network.


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