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The BOLD Awards is an opportunity to accelerate your impact and to share your vision and talent with the world. We bring together the digital economy to celebrate BOLDness and to serve as a conduit toward greater possibility.

Are you working on...
something that seeks to answer new questions or challenge old conventions?
something that empowers others to do better, reach further, and achieve more?
*your work must have passed the idea stage

When it comes to challenges, do you see possibilities, not problems?
When something seems impossible, do you work harder and dig deeper?

Then you are ready to be BOLD!

*Entry processing fee: €187

BOLD IV Categories

Crowdsourcing platforms and initiatives that can demonstrate achievement of clear business milestones will be rewarded in this category. We will consider the approach to crowd participation, platform design and functions. Judging will not be based on size or number of users but on efficiency, ingenuity, and proven business success.

This category is open to any organization that can show excellence in the way it has used open innovation and strategy within its own business to improve its performance and growth. Entrants should present clear evidence of how open innovation has delivered results and how this benefits both its organization and collaborators.

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This category is for a crowdfunding campaign that delivered much more than funding. Projects entered into this category should be able to demonstrate the steps taken to invite others to support their cause and help raise funding.

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This category is designed for fantastic examples of digital communications and platforms that increase exposure and drive business results. This includes any media – from podcasts, blogs/ vlogs, influencer marketing, video sharing platforms, and adtech – that are delivered digitally.

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Entrants for this category must be able to demonstrate an innovative and creative approach in a scientific project. This category is open to any organization or individual who developed science-based solutions that can demonstrate a quantifiable benefit for the world.

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This category rewards marketplace websites and apps who focus on excellence in connecting organizations and/or market participants – serving to add value and create an experience that instill trust in the ecosystem.

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This Award recognizes excellence in all areas of design enterprise and celebrates the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. We are looking for the most imaginative initiatives, whether that is in website design, design usability, product design, or any other area of design. Something original, exciting and practical. Submissions should be able to prove demonstrably how UI and/or UX design has led to tangible, positive results.

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This category is open to any space tech organization who has made a significant contribution using collaborative techniques to advance R&D or developing strategies leading to new technology development and exploitation.The award will also recognize the lasting benefit created in the aerospace field and legacy of the project resulting from a high level of collaboration which goes beyond delivering the technical aspects of the project.

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This award is open to any Artificial Intelligence (AI) standalone project or as part of a larger project. The success of the project should be demonstrated in terms of how the development of AI led to improved performance or its ability to solve real problems.

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This category is for a robotics project that stands out in terms of innovation, quality, value, and engineering. Projects entered into this category should demonstrate the creation of new products, applications, process automation or markets in robotics.Submit Project

This category recognizes fintech innovations that boost the financial health of businesses and advance financial inclusion. Judging considerations include technology infrastructure, security and market share.

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This award recognizes agritechnology related initiatives that have real-world outcomes that benefit agriculture and food production. Entries are welcome from agritech startups and companies with innovations in farms, food packaging or processing, distribution, nutrition, transparency and traceability.

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This award is for the best overall AR/VR and XR project from an aesthetic, usability, and technology perspective. Additional points are given to evidence of multiple successful applications of AR/VR reality technology.

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The award recognizes the best companies who are bravely embracing the future of work – whether building and managing remote teams, automating tasks and workflows, or creating new digital tools, and platforms that enhance productivity and employee well-being.

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The award identifies and rewards cybersecurity firms, individuals and products that are working to keep our data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers and malicious software. This award will be presented to those who are on the frontlines of the effort to prepare, defend and respond to this growing threat.

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This category recognises the most reliable cryptocurrency related projects and services whose contributions have made exceptional gains to the crypto ecosystem. This may include, but is not limited to: Cryptocurrency Market Exchanges, Crypto Trading or Lending Platforms, and Crypto Liquidity Providers.

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This category recognizes startups, individuals or companies who are bringing the very best mobility solutions, public transport, and other intelligent transport systems and applications and have the potential to make a profound impact on the modern world. This award highlights some of the most ambitious, innovative, and successful sustainable mobility solutions.

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This category is open to any Young Achiever 25 years old and below that has actively contributed to an innovative project in a meaningful and impactful way. He/she has played a central role in the successful execution/implementation of the project and has demonstrated leadership in the field and in self. (you must send us the proof of your age with a gov ID).

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This category recognizes and rewards excellence in businesses that are seeking ways to be more sustainable in their activities. Excellence in sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement in processes and results.

This category recognizes excellence in Internet of Things IOT innovation on connected devices and digital transformation in specific fields, highlighting the results that are transforming industries and the exceptional work of IOT.

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This category recognizes the use of new technology that significantly enhances the learning experience in K-12, Higher Education, and Skills and Workforce sectors. Judging considerations will focus on its ability to support a wide range of educational activities and learning styles.

This category recognizes innovative tech solutions, tools, and/or services to solve health and health care problems, provide compassionate care, and build healthier communities.

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This category recognizes insurtech emerging technologies that deliver operational excellence, business model innovation, strong risk prevention, and data analytics. Entries are welcome from insurers, technology service providers, general agents, data aggregators, and related entities.

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This category recognizes proptech that brings technology into the real estate industry to increase its efficiency, prosperity, and social responsibility from planning and building real estate to asset management to tenant engagement.

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This category recognizes the achievements across major egaming/ esports disciplines including gaming software, networks, mobile, IT, and infrastructure.

This category recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of blockchain and NFTs distributed ledger technology and its applications. Consideration will be given to offering increased understanding, accessibility, efficiency and adoption of blockchain and NFTs by tapping into wider audiences and driving adoption.

This category recognizes creativity and excellence in the metaverse. The metaverse can be a driving force in the entry or a minor component. Being able to demonstrate the metaverse application is the important factor here that includes both closed and open ecosystems.

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This award covers a broad range of DeFi technologies that are making decentralized finance more accessible and/or developing the standards and guidelines for wider adaptation. This category focuses on demonstrating the use of DeFi, solving a finance challenge, or disrupting a market segment.

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This award will be given to the software solutions provider which can best demonstrate an innovative approach to the development and continuous improvement of their SaaS offering. Applicants are encouraged to supply client case study materials or testimonials.

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This category recognizes the technology applications in fashion. This may include, but is not limited to: production, consumption, retailing, merchandising, and logistics.Submit Project

"Only those who DARE, Truly LIVE"

Rath P. Freedman

We’ve all heard the stories of people dropping out of college or leaving a stable job to work on their innovative projects, working in their makeshift offices, and even sleeping there for months. Fast forward to today, they are now the greats who have advanced digital progress and possibility for generations. Today, as we face a new era of challenges, daring to break the existing rules and the determination to make an impact is needed more than ever.

The BOLD Awards have had the pleasure of recognizing...

Venly, a blockchain technology provider that is on its way to making blockchain mainstream with collaborations with Shopify and Catawiki.

FundamentalVR’s immersive surgery education simulations that are used by healthcare and research providers such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School.

Virtuo, the next generation of car rental that has just raised $96M.

Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate Program to make sustainable chocolate the norm.

Time to be BOLD!

Entry processing fee: €187

Extended Deadline: Jan 12th

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