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BOLD Awards Presents: BOLD Series

A series of virtual events that encourages staying connected with our industry nominees and movers to drive an inclusive and evolving conversation about their expertise and what it means to be BOLD.

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The New Normal in our Economy has begun - what's next for the digital currency? Register and join the BOLD Conversation, and discover how to ride the Next Wave of Crypto & Blockchain.

Meet our BOLD Speakers

We gathered our BOLD Awards nominees and industry leaders as they share their insights in overcoming the challenges of Privacy, Transparency & Censorship, in cryptocurrency & blockchain in this new age.

Matthew Van Niekerk

Founder & CEO of SettleMint. SettleMint exists to abstract away the complexities of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies so that every developer can become a blockchain developer instantly
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Matthew Van Niekerk

Founder & CEO

Elena Pasquali

CEO of EcoSteer, an IoT and Blockchain software company. EcoSteer blockchain based Data Ownership Platform lays the foundations for a new, decentralized Data Economy
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Elena Pasquali


Epi Ludvik

Epi is the Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week. Epi Ludvik is one of the pioneers in the crowdsourcing ad space, an industry expert and thought leader in experiential marketing, consumer advertising and digital marketing.
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Epi Ludvik

Founder & CEO

Micha Benoliel​

Micha is the CEO * Co-Founder of, a privacy-first, decentralized wireless network for connecting IoT devices to the internet, and Co-Founder of Coalition Network, a non-profit foundation that provides contact tracing solutions for future pandemics.
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CEO and Co-Founder

Scott Trowbridge ​

Prior to WeWork Labs he launching and sold a consumer engagement startup and then went onto found Digitalondon. Scott now leads WeWork's Fintech and Blockchain Labs Incubator where since 2018 has helped Labs startups raise over $140m.
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BOLD Event Agenda


"How to empower individuals, companies & organizations with blockchain?" - Micha Benoliel

Q and A

"Smart everything and Data Privacy: a contradiction
in terms?" - Elenna Pasquali

Q and A

"Blockchain applications for a post Covid19 world"
- Matthew Van Niekerk

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