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The World of Freelancing and Remote Working
The World of Freelancing and Remote Working

Making the World of Freelancing & Remote Working work as things return to normal, most employees now expect a blended approach to work – balancing remote work with trips to the office. Around 60% are saying they want to continue working from home which now forces companies to adopt a hybrid and fully remote approach with virtual workspace and physical offices.

During this BOLD Series we will be covering some practical how to’s for both employers and the distributed workforce:

  • How to overcome loneliness when you’re freelancing and working remote
  • How to collaborate effectively with a distributed workforce
  • How can you onboard new workers
  • How can you create an innovative culture
  • What does this mean and a lot more? We’ll be covering from the leading platforms who have been pioneering in this type of work environment more than a decade ago.
Meet our BOLD Speakers

We gathered our BOLD Awards nominees and movers in
The World of Freelancing and Remote Working

Philip Sylvester

Director of Communications

Gonçalo Hall


Dave Williams

CEO & Co-Founder

Epi Ludvik

Founder & CEO