Borderless trading with Jarvis Exchange

Jarvis Exchange is a non-custodial and decentralized brokerage protocol. It allows anyone to gain exposure on any financial market in the world against a collateral in cryptocurrency, thanks to a decentralized network of market maker. The network is watched by incentized validators and governed by a DAO.

* Users deposit their collateral in a smartcontract and gain access to a trading power in their local currency. When a trade is open, a part of this collateral is blocked and used as margin requirement to hold a position. Users can withdraw their unblocked funds at anytime.

* Market makers deposit their collateral in a smartcontract, provide a price feed through API, and their rules (market supported, leverage, etc.).

* Validators deposit a collateral in a smartcontract and check that the price feed is not corrupted and that the market makers behave correctly.

An API allows anyone to build a trading interface on the top of the protocol; so we did, by creating Jarvis Trader, a trading platform to trade Forex and Indexes in a non-custodial way, accessible to anyone in the world.

Jarvis provides a a fair, uncensored, and universal access to any traditional financial market to anyone, anywhere.

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