Captiv8- AI Powered Branded Content Platform for Influencer Marketing

Millennials are watching less TV and spending more and more time consuming content across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snap etc. With this paradigm shift in technology use, advertising has had to evolve, especially considering that 84% of Millennials distrust traditional advertising. Influencer marketing -- advertising through those with avid online personalities and a large sum of followers -- is the most unique advertising to date. Social media users feel trust with the influencers they choose to follow and are more likely to take recommendations from them. In fact, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations and 40% report having made a purchase after seeing it on social media.

Captiv8 is an AI-powered branded content platform used by brands, agencies, campaign managers, and influencers. With over 50 metrics including advanced demographic data like household income, brands can select specific influencers that match their target audience to produce 3X the engagement of any other form of paid media (per Captiv8 study). Fraud is also a grievance and evergreen worry as the influencer marketing industry continues to grow. Captiv8 is the only influencer marketing platform that is able to detect influencer fraud and suspicious campaign activity with a variety of metrics, regardless of origin.

Captiv8 is considered to be the most professional and effective influencer marketing platform with over 80% of recurring clients which highlights the value of our product and team. Our diverse group of customers is what drives us and inspires us to continue the high growth, fast-paced energy, and outcome- based mentality. Captiv8’s dedication to clients, work-life balance and willingness to help anyone, has created a work hard, play hard culture that is one not intentionally created, but rather, materialized from our wonderful team.

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