InoCrowd is an open innovation organization that links Researchers from the best Universities, (Solvers) or People that have Know-How from all over the world (people that have solutions) to Organizations (Seekers) that need to innovate by a platform 2.0 Web-Based. Our solution is based on the gap that exists in the academic world or People that have Know-How (where there are innovative solutions) and the business world (need innovative solutions). Our mission is to accelerate our customer's innovation and research & development activities through an innovative and break-through approach to innovation management based on a prize-based open innovation platform and paid cost of the solutions or patent, license or Knowledge increasing our customer's competitiveness. InoCrowd platform has Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that match our 1.6 million Researchers with the Challenges posted on our Platform. This intelligence leads us to find solutions within 4-6 weeks with a rate of 95% of Success.

Steps | Log in -> Vote project -> Vote now -> Confirm Vote -> Be BOLD

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