Paydesk is an online marketplace and payment solution for independent media professionals. Major broadcasters and publishers can search, find, hire and pay an insured professional immediately. Paydesk provides the payment guarantees, as well as the infrastructure and the comfort that it will all run smoothly. Our clients include the US government's international broadcaster and publisher Voice of America, Euronews, CBS, CBC, France 24, Fox News and many others inside and outside of traditional media. We also provide research and risk analysis companies with professionals across the globe.

In terms of users, paydesk has a community of over 6,000 freelances across 165 countries - with over 2,500 client accounts.

We are doing over 1m GBP in annual revenue and have over 7m USD pledged by VOA for the next 12 months.

Our objective is to launch a ‘pay me now’ feature this year and offer our members the option to use Paydesk to settle any invoice they wish, immediately….

At paydesk, we believe paying people quickly for the work they do will help them in many aspects of their life.

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