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About the project

We created The Disruptive Collective was created as a means to pull together multiple projects that have been created for the same purpose; help the global tech and blockchain startup community nurture new ideas with support, development and community being the main focus. We began with creating the first ever physical DAO (which will be explained below) hosted in Prague. This evolved into the creation of DeScale, a decentralized platform created to help startups scale their business.

Phase one; The PragueDAO is the first example of a DAO powered by DAOstack used to govern a physical space, and aspires to be the incubator of choice for decentralized tech startups having completed phase one in Prague.

Phase two; DeScale, will be the creation of an online platform that will host multiple services aimed at assisting startups scale their business. This will massively increase the scalability of the project and truly make it global. With this platform, it is the idea of pioneering something completely new along with the opportunity to learn more about this community.

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The project is being spearheaded by Disrupt Digital, a digitally native, innovation obsessed Dublin marketing agency. Also receiving support from the Genesis DAO through a proposal on Alchemy, DAOstack’s first application designed for collaborative resource management.

The primary objective of the PragueDAO was to pilot the idea of a physical DAO in an initial test space (approx 2,000 sq.ft). This space is also involved in creating a self-sufficient incubation space for tech and blockchain startups who may have the possibility to become DAO use cases themselves. The members of the incubator will have the option to join the community and have an input into developments of the space.

The overall project received media mentions and interest from across the world. In order to facilitate this, the incubator will be moved to an online platform making this much easier to scale. Members of the community will have the ability to propose new features for the platform, create a proposal, and if this passes they will receive remuneration for their efforts after creating a feature that's accessible to anyone that wants to join the incubator platform, DeScale.

The idea behind creating this incubator is something that is extremely intriguing for me. To pioneer anything for the first time is always exciting, especially in this case where if the experiment is successful it could have much wider implications.

The fact that this was a proposal passed through DAOstack’s own experimental DAO, the Genesis Alpha, makes the whole project feel really unique. We’re seeing now DAOs that are able to propagate other DAOs independent of centralized control.

The elements of the platform are systems we have used within the agency for a number of years meaning we can transfer existing, tried and tested solutions for startups onto this platform which will reduce the development period.
We have considered each of the following phases separately:
Requirements & Design
Planning, Architecture & Development
Software Testing
Media mentions;

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