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AvaCloud lets companies launch custom blockchains in minutes with an automated blockchain builder, without needing to hire blockchain specialists.

As “The Web3 Launchpad,” AvaCloud provides organizations with the tools to deploy and scale no-code, fully managed custom blockchains. Before AvaCloud, creating a blockchain was a highly complex and expensive project, where companies needed to hire experienced personnel to get into Web3. With AvaCloud, businesses can slash both time-to-market and overhead and launch fully supported networks without ever needing to hire an in-house blockchain employee. Korean conglomerate SK, popular gaming app Blitz, and AAA game studio Shrapnel are among a batch of companies recently designing their custom blockchains through AvaCloud.

Users of AvaCloud run the gamut of Web3 builders – from global enterprises to small teams of Web3 developers. Using an intuitive no-code portal, operators can launch a free one-click testnet blockchain, customizing it with various features to suit any use case and regulatory framework. Currently, several major multinational enterprises are innovating on AvaCloud. AvaCloud partners have saved over $1 million annualized, have reduced time-to-market by 95%, and have an 85% cost reduction in developing their blockchains.

AvaCloud offers four key features that support easy-to-build blockchains. First, Managed Validators automate the validation process, always allowing the chains to run smoothly. These validators automatically scale, regardless of demand level, and offer increased security due to the reduced barrier to entry with auto-staked validator notes. Built-in updating provides the latest security patches through hands-off software updates. 

Second, the Automated Blockchain Builder provides intuitive guided workflows to build fully managed blockchains in minutes. Organizations have a plethora of customization options to tie in their blockchains directly to their business, without having to code or operate command lines. Fully managed development automates the work of a dedicated infrastructure team so organizations can save time to market and focus on their business. 

Third, the data tools available provide real-time analytics and data monitoring with options to use a customized API to build deeper data integrations on custom blockchains. These tools provide accessible data, saving on resource costs for each blockchain’s specific data to power front-end applications. Data is accessible across the entire Avalanche network across NFTs, DEX, and more. Software updates come easily, quickly, and hands-off so data is always accurate, and blockchains are always running. The Avalanche Network provides tokens and a blockchain platform that provides limitless scalability, near-instant transactions, and stability for DeFi applications. 

Fourth, Chain Interoperability provides users with Avalanche Warp Messaging to communicate limitlessly between different blockchains through the Avalanche Network. Each blockchain created on AvaCloud has native interoperability, providing fast, cheap, and secure transactions between different chains. The connectivity native to blockchains on AvaCloud provides value to businesses via increased liquidity from other blockchains on the Avalanche Network, all with no limits to the number of tokens, NFTs, and other transactions inherent to blockchains.

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