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Avalanche Arcad3

Arcad3 is a transformative program enabling Web2 gaming companies to transition to a Web3 environment, providing marketing, tokenomics, and on-boarding support.

The advent of Web3 technology, including blockchain deployments, presents significant opportunities for leaders in the Web2 gaming industry, but also surfaces challenges when it comes to transitioning their existing resources and technology. Recognizing this, Ava Labs launched Avalanche Arcad3, which assists Web2 gaming industry leaders in their transition to powerful blockchain deployments, or Web3. The program empowers Web2 game companies to effectively tackle Web3 gaming challenges such as adopting blockchain technology, Web3 marketing, and tokenomics. It creates a bridge between traditional Web2 publishers and groups involved in developing Web3 and gaming Subnets, fostering collaboration and shared expertise.

So far, the initiative has assisted publishers that have been giants of Web2 gaming for decades, bringing some of the biggest games in the world to market from Final Fantasy to One Punch Man. They have tens of millions of active monthly users today – and are embracing Web3 gaming on Avalanche. Participating Web3 pioneers include Republic Crypto, Shrapnel, Gunz Chain by Gunzilla, Dynasty Studios, DeFi Kingdoms, Blitz by TSM, 2dao3, Avalaunch.

Arcad3 does more than simply provide support; it creates a dynamic gateway for Web2 publishers to transition to Web3. Partners in the Arcad3 program gain access to a treasure trove of resources and insights into aspects like NFTs, which are reshaping the landscape of in-game assets; the technical infrastructure required for Web3 gaming; understanding the unique culture of Web3; and strategies for blockchain gaming that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

Additionally, Arcad3 provides a practical introduction to key Web3 gaming features, including in-game advertising, revenue sharing with modders and creators of user-generated content, and tradable in-game items. The program also introduces strategies for incentivizing content creation through in-game tokens and outlines how to manage the risks associated with in-game tokenized items and regulatory compliance.

Arcad3’s comprehensive support extends even further. Partners can tap into technical support that includes access to a dedicated Slack channel, weekly technical office hours for real-time assistance, business development support, assistance for tokenomics design, advice on user acquisition, consultation on user design for Web3 products, and access to Avalanche partners.

To ensure that partners can reach and engage their audience effectively, Ava Labs also offers a robust marketing engine. This includes event activations, paid marketing campaigns, PR efforts, and custom-designed campaigns aimed at expanding their audience reach. Through these concerted efforts, the initiative links Web2 publishers with leading studios, guilds, and other groups building Web3, and an Ava Labs team that has helped build 10+ gaming Subnets, 100+ Web3 games, and the future of on-chain gaming.

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