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SymphonyAI Eureka enables rapid, efficient development of scalable, deep-domain solutions that combine sophisticated predictive and generative AI models.

As generative AI exploded at the end of 2022, SymphonyAI quickly realized the opportunities in applying this emerging technology to enterprise use cases. In response, the company developed and brought solutions to market in multiple verticals within months, delivering enterprise-grade applications using a generative AI stack that extends SymphonyAI’s existing predictive AI stack. Those developments demonstrated incredible agility, responsiveness and innovation to embrace Eureka’s new strategy direction, delivering transformational copilots for financial crime investigators, retail category managers and more.


In contrast to existing horizontal platforms, Eureka’s predictive intelligence is specifically engineered to benefit a number of verticals, including retail, financial crime detection, industrial, media and IT enterprise management. Eureka is able to consume vertical data at scale, integrate with a wide range of vertical applications and enable data scientists in SymphonyAI’s various teams to adapt machine learning and artificial intelligence. The robust platform allows end users to successfully overcome challenges including model drift and to optimize across dimensions including scale and cost – capabilities that are not available in horizontal off-the-shelf platforms. Horizontal platforms require extensive vertical modifications which is why Eureka is a valuable solution.


SymphonyAI’s Eureka-based solutions also meet aggressive scale requirements. For example, within retail, promotion optimization and demand forecasting solutions generate promotion optimization predictions for millions of SKUs across channels. These AI-based demand forecasts are deployed across thousands of retail stores and distribution centers, down to the item/store level, with a minimum amount of time and expense and with accuracy that dramatically exceeds that of traditional statistical demand forecasting models. Another Eureka-based application, which focuses on financial crime detection and prevention, scans millions of transactions in large financial institutions for potentially suspicious activities and applies AI to rapidly eliminate false positives and focus more efficiently on genuine threats.


Eureka’s architecture includes prompt-driven skills that combine intent understanding, relevant underlying data and predictive models to power copilots and other generative AI applications. As well, the architecture enables a best-in-class user interface framework to deliver innovative user experiences best suited for this new class of applications. This framework allows users to easily draw digestible, actionable insights.


Unlike broad-based generative AI applications that could create privacy, security and alignment risks for enterprises, SymphonyAI focuses the product strategy to meet and exceed the requirements for enterprise applications. Security and data privacy checks are inherently woven into each layer and tier of the generative AI application stack.


SymphonyAI’s Eureka platform is forward-thinking and self-aware, uniquely enabling vertically aligned solutions and combining predictive and generative AI to solve industry-specific challenges at enterprise scale.

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