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Nanit, the high-growth baby tech company that is changing the way parents view their babies' wellness through the world’s most advanced baby monitor.

Since 2016, the Nanit Camera has been giving parents the ultimate view of their babies’ wellness. We believe that your baby monitor should be more than a camera, and that parents should feel informed, connected, and supported with real, personalized data. Through computer vision tracking technology, machine learning and an intuitive in-app dashboard, we are giving parents data on demand – milestones, sleep info, and essential insights into their babies’ wellness. 

The power of the Nanit platform lies within the personalized data that each parent can access about their child. This level of specificity and accuracy gives parents the confidence to decide how to apply the information when making parenting decisions. This is vastly different from the general automation that exists in open AI models where users might be using the technology to seek out general solutions. In the Nanit experience, users have access to a set of data that is personal and completely informed by their own baby’s behaviors, allowing each parent to respond in ways that work best for their family. Nanit’s framework is informed by very specific building blocks that the product ecosystem and technology is based upon:

    • Infant sleep and parental interventions
    • Breathing motion monitoring
    • Motor related activity – head and body positions, developmental milestones and movement mapping
    • Sound analysis

To date, Nanit has the world’s largest continuous set of baby sleep data, with nearly 3 billion hours of sleep tracked. This sets the brand apart as the most data-rich platform in the connected parenting category. In addition to data, Nanit has also formed Nanit Lab – a science-backed think tank that conducts new research to further understand the state of parenting today. These insights are shared with parents through published studies, interactive webinars, and conversations within the Nanit Community – a network of parents coming together to gain and share this newfound knowledge with one another. With the average adult making 35,000 decisions a day, Nanit is providing parents with the right data to make decision-making easier. Under this mission and with innovation and science at the brand’s core, Nanit is committed to being a trusted resource and the parenting platform of the future.

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