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On-demand services around connected cars: A break through the mobility market

2hire platform fosters app and services development for connected vehicles. 2hire partnership with OEM allows access to different services for final customers.

Mobility is switching from vehicles to services around connected vehicles, and OEMs need to focus on which services their customers value the most in order to tailor the connectivity offer to customer needs and expectations. 2hire’s solution is disrupting the automotive sector by merging end users, cars, and connected services around cars.

2hire facilitates access to a wide range of services that OEMs can offer to their own customers. 2hire is working hard to foster an ecosystem of useful and profitable third-party connected services. 

Some of the services offered by partners using 2hire’s technology: 

  • In-car delivery: to enable sending online purchases straight to a customer’s car. The car becomes a personal mobile locker.
  • On-demand e-charging: to enable electric vehicle charging when and where customers need it the most.
  • On-demand car washing: for a fully digital keyless car wash experience wherever the car is parked.
  • Peer to Peer car sharing: to allow cars to generate revenue for owners at times when they would otherwise sit idle.

2hire is building a marketplace of third-party services which can be integrated within the OEM’s connectivity offering. By managing integrations, partnerships with service providers, and the overall alignment of the offer, 2hire is closing agreements with top players in the market and growing  the ecosystem of connected services offered by OEMs .

2hire is the technology enabler that easily helps connected services operators launch and boost their service smoothly. It provides a single API layer that standardizes the languages used by connected cars, ensuring seamless communication and interoperability between vehicles and connected services. 2hire is the best choice to access the largest number of connected cars without having to integrate with each carmaker individually.


2hire has different partnerships in place with carmakers. For example, in partnership with  the Stellantis Group, 2hire recently launched an offer of on-demand services around connected Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Abarth cars, unlocking new possibilities for car owners to enhance the overall connected car experience.
Owners of a connected car from the selected brands can maximize their vehicle’s capabilities and save valuable time by scheduling charging  with E-GAP or Reefilla, a car wash with Wash Out, or an in-car delivery with the Poste Italiane service. This service package is  currently available in several European countries (France, Italy, Germany and Spain) and growing rapidly . The service is quick and intuitive; with an active Connected PLUS subscription, connected car owners just have to browse, check the eligibility of their car, pick and download the service app they need, and book the preferred service.

The connected services market is evolving fast; new digital services around vehicles are coming to life every day, and players from different verticals are joining the ecosystem. 2hire is positioning itself as a pioneering technological solution with the ability to merge final users, cars, and connected services, ushering a brand new digital experience into the automotive sector.

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