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PassportCard Deutschland has is an insurance company based in Hamburg, Germany. With a history to the David Shield group, we nurture on more than 20 years of experience in the international health insurance industry.

We have set out in the field of International Health Insurance and are offering comprehensive products for expats all around the globe.

Members are being equipped with the “PassportCard“, a personalised member card with VISA-Technology.

It is a debit card that gets directly topped-up in the time of need. That way members never have to pay with their own money upfront but pay directly with the funds of PassportCard instead – all around the globe.

Why is that so special? 

This basically turns the claims process upside down and means a real revolution in the industry. Paired with a brilliant mobile app, which allows members to quickly top-up their card themselves, it means an unparalleled insurance experience.

A brief history: 

We started out with our solution for the comprehensive insurance solutions about three years ago. Since then we are acting as a so called General Managing Underwriter, we can pair freely with the biggest and most prominent insurance companies in the world, such as Allianz.

With that power, prestige and solidity we have been seeing an incredible growth over the last years.

Our offering is being perceived incredibly positive around the globe by expats, digital nomads, business-owners and also the German SME environment.

Road to success: 

But not only that: also large enterprises trust into our value proposition. Large aviation companies with over 23000 members are using our service already whilst at the same time, the international broker community, who are basically the experts in our field, are celebrating our offering as well.

It gives them a new competitive advantage whilst offering their business clients huge benefits:

  • Less administration
  • Advantage in the war for talent
  • Greater employee retention
  • Greater product benefits
  • Global availability and security for employees and the company
  • Digitisation in practice

All in all, PassportCard is looking back onto a long heritage and brings start-up mentality into an industry that has been in desperate need for innovation.

With our messaging we are BOLD, with our service we are BOLD and with our market entering we are BOLD.

Therefore we see ourselves as well worth candidates with an incredible story for your BOLD awards and look forward to all there is to come!

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