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SC Solutions Inc.

SC Solutions provides integrated, accessible, and comprehensible earth intelligence to assess and monitor climate impact and enhance sustainability.
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SC Solutions is  redefining the use of earth observation data by addressing the gap in the commercial market for integrated, accessible, comprehensible, and affordable earth intelligence. SC Solutions’ “I-SAT” platform fuses real-time earth observation satellite data and applies advanced quantum analytics to provide actionable insights for a broad range of commercial applications, including: agriculture, forestry, and environmental monitoring and sustainability.

Leveraging natural-language processing, the platform’s intuitive user interface allows for seamless interaction by all types of users, regardless of their proficiency in imaging processing. I-SAT makes monitoring and responding to environmental conditions easy ━ improving decision-making processes, enhancing operational efficiency, increasing productivity, improving sustainability, and reducing costs. 

Our focus to date has been on improving productivity and sustainability across the agricultural sector.

Hunnicutt Farms, an SC Solutions customer, is an irrigated farming operation in Giltner, Nebraska and a leading grower of corn, popcorn, and soybeans. Operating for over a century, Hunnicutt Farms has demonstrated an affinity for embracing innovative solutions. Hunnicutt aims to use the latest technology to improve efficiencies, while researching new ideas to help with climate change.

SC Solutions’ I-SAT platform provides advanced satellite imagery and analytics, supporting Hunnicutt’s mission to be at the forefront of sustainable and precision agriculture practices. “Our platform [I-SAT] takes high resolution data to analyze key factors influencing corn growth, including soil health, moisture levels, and vegetation indices,” said Cliff Beek, CEO of SC Solutions. The differentiating output factor, according to Beek; “is the fusion of machine learning and space technology to progress agricultural practices.”  Owner and 5th generation Nebraska farmer. Brandon Hunnicutt said: “Earth Observation technology aligns with our commitment to sustainability and precision farming. We’re excited about the potential to elevate our corn cultivation practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.” Approximately 80 million acres of corn are harvested each year in the United States.

What makes SC Solutions unique is our use of quantum analytics to extract meaningful insights from low resolution satellite imagery. Our use of low resolution satellite imagery significantly lowers costs and enables us to make our software and services available to small and medium size farmers. We believe our high value, low cost solution has the potential to drive transformational change across the agricultural sector by putting cutting edge tools in the hands of those who might otherwise leverage the benefits of technology.

How we are helping Hunnicutt Farms: 

  1. Crop Yield Analysis: Utilizing both EO data and Hunnicutt Farm’s agricultural insights, SC Solutions is providing a comprehensive analysis of expected crop yields. This will empower Hunnicutt Farms with predictive capabilities, aiding in better resource allocation and harvest planning.
  2. Vegetation Health Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of vegetation health is paramount. Through our tools and analytics, we can detect early signs of stress, pest infestations, or sub-optimal growth conditions. This proactive approach ensures timely interventions, maximizing crop health and output.
  3. Visualization: Beyond mere data, our goal is to present insights in an easily digestible manner. Through dynamic charts, maps, and other visual tools, Hunnicutt Farms can gain a clear, real-time understanding of their farm’s condition, informing decision-making at every stage of the crop cycle.

Applying our precision analytics tools, we expect we can generate an additional $108.69 in profit for Hunnicutt Farms per acre of corn harvested, based on improvements in the following areas:

5%Increase in yield gain per acre
3%Reduction in direct costs for planning
5%Lower power costs for monitoring
10%Reduction in labour costs

We are excited about the potential to help small and medium size farms in particular harness the power of earth observation data and analytics to address critical issues related to mitigating climate impact, enhancing sustainability, and ensuring the global food supply.


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