S4M – the Drive-to-Store Platform

Either a well-established retailer like Penny Market can’t rest assured, as the Italian discounter industry is experiencing a strong growth, which has favored the entry of fierce international competitors.

Penny Market partnered with the drive-to-store specialist S4M, to strengthen their brand awareness and drive customers to their growing network of over 175 stores in Italy. Together, they launched 23 mobile campaigns throughout the year, targeting different clusters of customers. Thanks to specialized data providers, S4M can leverage on online and offline data - App usage, purchase intent, locations/stores visited, current location - to deliver targeted messages and enable proximity advertising.

Targeted shoppers were exposed to S4M proprietary creative ad formats (over 50 options available), which are totally customizable and enable an immersive, friendly interaction with the brand.

The ad formats lead to a store locator that guided the shoppers to the nearest Penny Market store, based on their current location. Thanks to S4M’s drive-to-store platform, the campaigns were managed to maximize the in-store traffic at the most efficient cost, with a real-time optimization.

One distinctive benefit of S4M is the flexibility that their proposition offers, since it is effective for any drive-to-store initiative - from a new opening, to an event, to a recurrent weekly offer - within any industry or country. Moreover, the results are totally scalable and the performance is optimized through time by a machine learning algorithm, based on past campaigns.

S4M campaigns boosted consumers awareness, delivering 26.5 million impressions,100% rendered. The results on in-store traffic was outstanding too, since over 98,000 shoppers went shopping to a Penny Market store after being exposed to S4M ads. S4M results have been validated by an independent third party measurer, Adsquare, that registered a 80% visit uplift. Since consumers are exposed to a serie of advertising channels and contents, it was interesting to isolate the number of customers brought to the stores exclusively by S4M campaigns, thanks to a statistical methodology. It came out that over the total store visits, 44% were incremental.
As for the costs to engage consumers and bring them to the stores, the average CPV (cost per visit) was 4.17€, while the CPIV (cost per incremental visit) was 9.6€. S4M also provided additional insights regarding the demographics of the store visitors and their habits, such as preferred days and time to shop. It turned out that Penny’s clients were 54% women, 46% between 25-35 years old and loved to shop on Saturday during the afternoon. But it’s not over, since S4M team keeps on investing to go further. They are finalizing a partnership that will allow retailers to measure not only the in-store traffic but also the sales lift, and be able to quantify the ROI of marketing campaigns in a more and more tangible way.

S4M - The Drive-to-Store Platform - is the first and only advertising technology that connects brands to consumers by bridging the gap between digital advertising and the real-world. S4M created a unified technology for marketers to manage, measure, and optimize incremental visits in real-time to online and physical stores. S4M is committed to transparency and full autonomy for its clients from online impressions until conversions and relies on data obtained only with the user’s explicit consent. Founded in 2011 by mobile marketing pioneers, S4M has more than 180 employees and services more than 600 advertisers worldwide. The company has ten offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Discover more: http://www.s4m.io

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