Problem Unstructured documents and data are an increasingly important part of business processes. The manual interpretation of this data, which accounts for about 80% of the available information, is the main bottleneck of the services offered. This causes companies high costs for the human resources employed, long times for the manual execution of tasks and very high margins of human error.

Solution To solve this problem it is necessary to automate processes that manage and extract value from both unstructured and structured data, introducing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. By applying these technologies, the results of traditional process redesign are emphasized with an eye to optimization and efficiency, producing even more tangible benefits in the medium and short term.

Our Solution: Higitus Higitus is an Artificial Intelligence solution for the back-office automation. Higitus automatically processes, classifies and extracts relevant information from any company data source, simplifying and making document and administrative processes efficient.

Thanks to the interpretation of natural language (NLP) and advanced supervised Machine Learning algorithms, the system is able to simulate human cognitive abilities, thus managing data that systems do not recognize.

Higitus is a modular solution that provides a set of features/modules from which it can be composed according to specific needs:

- Injection: Higitus can process any type of document, even non-textual documents through optical character recognition (OCR).
- Classification: documents and unstructured input data are automatically classified using supervised machine learning models.
- Extraction of key concepts: the relevant information of each document is automatically extracted through NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, thus facilitating the automation of business processes.
- Indexing & Archiving: documents are indexed and archived according to precise characteristics and indications, taking into account their semantic relevance, allowing to exploit the potential of the entire corporate knowledge base.
- Smart search: an advanced search engine allows you to obtain the results of interest ordered by semantic relevance.
- Summary: documents consisting of many pages are automatically summarized in a number of configurable lines to easily evaluate the contents without having to read them completely.

Main Advantages
The application of Higitus provides several advantages:

- Optimization of performance and processes: minimizing the risks related to human error, improving efficiency and ensuring the activities normalization and compliance with established quality standards.
- Reduction of costs and time: reducing operating costs and time attributable to manual processes thanks to a level of process automation that allows a better use of human capital.
- Extracting value from unstructured data: classifying, organizing and interpreting unstructured data in order to get the most out of it.
- More efficient allocation of staff members: dedicating staff to value-added tasks, leaving to Higitus the manual and repetitive ones.
- Scalability and advanced performance: supporting any business process and needs in a correct and efficient way, taking full advantage of the potential of its modular and scalable architecture.
- Improved risk management: by monitoring processes and identifying anomalies, thanks to internal controls for the benefit of risk management.
- Immediate integration without impact: easily integrating with any business system (DMS, CRM, ERP, etc.) without requiring any intervention on the existing IT infrastructure.
- Quality of customer service: reduced response times and increased quality of demand resolution, with a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

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