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Unchained Engine

Unchained is a digital commerce platform that allows developers to build highly individual e-commerce experiences. You can create a beautifully designed and made-to-fit online shop for your or your customer's products and services. Or you can build something completely new by connecting any kind of device or solution to it's open GraphQL API.
The unique plugin system enables any kind of pricing, loyalty or discount structures you can think of by writing a few lines of javascript.

Project Business Case
Unchained Engine has been initiated because we needed a flexible but lightweight e-commerce platform to build online shops for our customers and we were not comfortable using Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce to do that. So in general it's an Eat-your-own-dogfood case but we hope to move to a Magento-style business model in the future (Professional Support, Enterprise Programs, Trainings, Conferences, Vertical solutions for industries, Marketplace, ...) when we have a stronger community.

Project Importance
The success of our species is rooted in trade. The internet brought trade to a whole new dimension. Still, it is super complicated to create and run a professional online-shop. This project lowers these barriers by providing developers sophisticated tools to build fully individualized digital commerce apps without locking them into a service or license fee model, giving them the full control over their business and data.

Project Impact
The future of enterprise e-commerce technologies would lay on the shoulders of big (mainly U.S. and profit driven) corporations like Adobe (Magento), SAP (SAP Hybris), Oracle, Shopify, Automattic (Woocommerce). We want to democratize and decentralize this business.

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