Empowering Farmers and Reducing Risk – Tracing Value and Products

AgriLedger designs solutions for the agricultural value chain using the power of distributed ledger technology (blockchain). With the use of this technology, the results are traceability and transparency in the flow of information. AgriLedger is currently delivering with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Haiti a blockchain solution in the Fresh Fruit Value Chain. The Project is introducing blockchain with an innovative approach to inclusiveness and sustainability: The Project is the first World Bank-financed project to develop a blockchain solution for traceability and payments. This will allow producers to keep ownership of their products until the final sale and to be paid directly, through smart contracts, via phone-based payment systems. The Project has been chosen by the Equitable Growth Finance and Institutions (EFI) Vice-Presidency as a pilot on the use of real-time data coming from the blockchain to monitor the inclusiveness, sustainability, and market transparency.

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