Axess4you – Save Time, Optimize Decision Making, Improve Patients Outcomes

Country Pricing & Reimbursement (P&R) Processes are complex, time consuming and inefficient: Pharma and Medical Devices companies struggle to prepare meaningful value dossiers based on trustable data and achieve their price targets, while spending significant amount of time to prepare their country negotiation strategies.

  • The average time to market access for a new drug in Italy is around 14 months
  • Price Negotiations with decision makers are often not based on Real World Data & Technology Value
  • Due to industry premium price targets, many patients may never be able to get access to innovations
  • NHS Systems are unable to cope with Exabyte of data, and cannot interrelate technologies data
The Team, having extensive experience with European, National and Sub-National decisions makers, knows these problems well and extensively witnessed the negative effects on patients and the overall NHS Systems. A4Y is a new and unrivalled AI based platform to help pharma & medical devices companies to take the best decisions on their pricing strategy and negotiating the best possible outcomes with key decision makers: • We solve healthcare’s pricing & reimbursement issues by matching Pharma/ Payers data needs • We transform massive and diverse data streams to precisely match therapeutics, procedures, and healthcare interventions to individuals (personalized medicine) • We want to improve patient’s health outcomes and help save billions of euros to the NHS

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