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Babele is an online, collaborative idea-acceleration platform for intrapreneurs. Organisations such as the United Nations, CDC Bank, Berkeley University and EY use it to provide public and private environments for the guided co-creation of innovative strategies and business models, leveraging inside and outside collective knowledge to be able to validate and experiment with ideas. At CDC, over 20,000 employees used the platform to submit ideas to renew the firm’s 10 year sustainability strategy. 260 qualified ideas were submitted for consideration, 10 of these were accelerated (developed further on the platform (approx 300 people), 2 of these projects now form part of the firms sustainability strategy, resulting in 70% of the employees that participated who feel more engaged with the company. This platform and process is now recurring annually with clients being invited to participate as appropriate. Implementing these platforms over the last 5 years, we have improved our ability to foster community engagement this using a customised engagement strategy designed with the client to effectively orchestrate the participation of their networks. This is augmented with stakeholder segmentation, enabling individuals to contribute in different roles throughout the design-thinking process. This approach supercedes traditional ideation platforms, making the whole process collaborative, enabling teams to bootstrap innovative ideas and co-develop them into complex strategic plans.

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