CarbonNOW™: Grow More Food to Fight Climate Change

The world is facing a climate crisis that is amplified by an increasing global human population, causing serious challenges for the agriculture industry and our food supply chain. Locus AG’s technology addresses interrelated UN Sustainable Development Goals of fighting climate change and increasing food supply by:
• Improving soils health, crop yields and food nutrition
• Reducing environmental impacts of agriculture by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating crops’ ability to sequester carbon and generate valuable offsets for carbon markets
• Reducing nitrogen fertilizer use and limits nutrient runoff that contributes to ecosystem dead zones
• Helping green ag and food supply chains
• Helping corn growers and biofuel producers achieve negative carbon outputs
• Revitalizing local communities and economies

There is no other product on the market which can make an immediate impact on both sustainability and crop productivity challenges, and the results led to Locus AG’s product line being named 2019 Best Biological Product of the Year in AgriBusiness Intelligence’s global Crop Science Awards. Locus AG’s mission is to solve global challenges impacting the food and agriculture industries, and both H-Farm and Crowd Sourcing Week’s team has a proven track record in helping powerful and disruptive innovations, like Locus AG’s platform to thrive in the new economy. Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) is the only company in the world with a breakthrough biotechnology that transforms agriculture from a climate change contributor to a top solution for reversing it by sustainably growing more food on less land, while pulling atmospheric carbon back into the soil. The company’s award-winning soil probiotics supercharge crops’ ability to capture up to 9 additional tons of CO2 per acre annually (equivalent to the annual emissions of approximately two passenger vehicles) and decrease soil nitrous oxide gas emissions by between 60%-90% – all while improving yields and grower profitability. Also, through Locus AG’s CarbonNOW™ project, farmers have access to organic soil “probiotic” treatments proven to address sustainability challenges by maximizing crop productivity while minimizing environmental impact and leverage it to ultimately create low- or negative-carbon foods, feeds and fuel.

This makes any type of agricultural methodology better – regenerative (minimum tillage, cover cropping), organic and industrial farming. The addition of our “quorum-sensing” microbes (those that improve collective working of the soil microbiome, can help industrial agriculturists transition to more sustainable modes of farming – without the decrease in yield usually seen in such transitions. And given the richness already in the soil microbiome in organic farming, it is no surprise that our best results are seen in such farms.

Using an innovative microbrewery fermentation process, Locus AG develops cost-effective microbial solutions that are delivered fresh via cold-chain distribution to ensure maximum performance. These fresh, highly concentrated solutions can be tailored to regional conditions and focus on improving soil health, increasing soil carbon content, enhancing plant vigor and ultimately boosting crop yields. Locus AG’s manufacturing technique removes efficacy and cost issues and can be scaled anywhere in the world within 6 months to meet global demand.

It enables the use of proven solutions previously not economically viable and amplifies their performance while accelerating commercial product deployment. Most importantly, the manufacturing process allows (for the first time) green solutions to be easily customized to address top global pain points – a feat not previously possible.

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