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GreenM: Manufacturing Sustainable

GreenM: Manufacturing Sustainable

Industrial mass production has a bad reputation regarding its sustainability as current production practices are not optimised for their environmental impact. Future Forge operates in the space of sustainable manufacturing. We are currently advising customers on how to improve their manufacturing techniques and processes to reduce their environmental impact while reducing their manufacturing cost. The main fields we are working on are metal forging, injection moulding, and product design. This year we are also ready to launch our first highly efficient forging machine that can reduce energy consumption by 50% while eliminating waste and increasing productivity. Moreover, we are working on improving company supply chains and processes with the potential to reduce the greenhouse emissions from manufacturing from 25% to 60%. Our company philosophy is to reduce the environmental impact as well as production costs. We believe that it is with this combination that mass product manufacturers will choose to switch to greener technologies. Our experience in manufacturing, combined with our assistive software that features AI to help the user, can allow companies to improve their sustainability and track in real-time the impact that their production is having on the environment. With the Industry 4.0 standards, we can directly monitor the customer performance and help them improve it for increased quality, efficiency and reduced cost.

These main manufacturing processes produce most of the items we use in our everyday life, from hydraulics to automotive, house products and much more. Millions of products could be produced in a better way and with your help we can make this happen. Future Forge is a start-up that recently became operative. We secured a patent and started to advise the first four customers while further developing our technology. We now want to gain visibility and spread the word of more sustainable manufacturing practices to a market that is valued at over $300 billion and is currently operating at a sub-optimal sustainability level.

In 2019 we were selected as finalists of the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Environmental Challenge in London and it was a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with many other start-ups and minds alike. We think that participating to the Bold Awards will give us a great chance to gain visibility and showcase our work in Italy and Europe where the roots of the manufacturing industry belongs. We aim to improve sustainability on a broader scale while the window of opportunity is still open. Join us to manufacture a better future together.

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