IDAP is the first complete crypto derivatives exchange and technology built by ex-IITians and veteran traders of global exchanges like CME and ICE IDAP will enable all traders and investors to engage in the crypto space with the same ease and freedom they enjoy in the traditional financial markets. We offer a diverse variety of derivatives instruments, an easy-to-use web trading interface along with a legacy-style desktop trading platform. Unlike existing exchanges, our diverse trading instruments include low-risk derivatives like calendar spreads and butterfly. Our exchange infrastructure is institutional grade with features like Smart Order Routing and Implied logic to ensure a liquid and fair futures market. Our fees are very low, with zero fees for early adopters. This is a multi-billion-dollar global sector in the making and now is the best time to not just create this market but also capture its major share, as derivatives in crypto space are highly untapped and institutional trading interest is increasing every day. Our revenue will be generated via trading fees along with various other platform fees. We have already developed the basic version of the desktop trading platform and a working web trading interface. We have 100k+ whitelisted users. We have a social media following of 50k+ community members. Simulated trading of BTC futures is active on IDAP.

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