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LAGOSTA raises spiny lobsters, 100% organically, without the use of any antibiotics or chemicals. To our knowledge, LAGOSTA is the only company in the world raising the European spiny lobster in captivity. In addition, LAGOSTA converts spiny lobster shells, the byproducts, into highly valuable compounds, such as chitosan with extensive applications in the biomedical area. Everyone knows that spiny lobsters make a delicious dinner, but few know much about the interesting lives of these creatures: As it grows, a spiny lobster molts (every 3 months in our facility) and naturally loses its hard-protective carapace. LAGOSTA collects in its tanks these naturally generated spiny lobster shells and extracts precious compounds for biomedical applications in the fields of tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, gene therapy systems, wound healing, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties and much more. In addition to growing its aquaculture and blue biotechnology businesses, LAGOSTA is deeply committed to marine conservation and is engaging with governments and foundations to create a series of sustainable, ecological preservation programs. After 20 years+ of passion and intensive research and developments, the company is now fully poised to leverage its validated technology platform prototype at a large scale with the planned construction of an important production site in the European Community. To foster such capacity scale deployments, the company intends to secure a large round of financing in the second half of 2020. On the long term, the technology will be leveraged to other species worldwide including to coastal communities in countries in development. For more information, please visit

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