The Management Practices Board® is a Mylia native model for reading and analysing managerial behaviour that exploits the computing capacity of a machine learning system. The computational system of data and clustering analysis underlying MPB® is called Self-Organizing Map, or polychromatic map of Kohonen by Finnish professor Teuvo Kohonen who introduced it in the 1980s, whose specific purpose is for feature detection. The Self-Organizing Map (Kohonen, 1995; Van Hulle, 2012) is technically defined as an information processing model inspired by biological neural networks. The model fits into the analysis and design learning intervention for managers.

The MPB® model is composed of 4 macro-areas that represent macro-definitions of a logical and contextual working path within which certain behaviours pertaining to the reference target typically emerge. The 4 macro-areas are called "Mapping", "Influencing", "Innovaction", "Connection". Each area is inhabited by a subset of 4 behaviours (called nodes), for a total of 16 dimensions.

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