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Oracle & BotSupply

Oracle & BotSupply

Context Today, thousands of kids and youngsters every year are victims of sexual offenses, especially in digital channels and platforms. Save the Children, conversely, is the world's biggest organisation for children's rights and welfare, and that's why they've launched the initiative Slet Det (in English: "Erase it") to combat digital-based sexual offense. Specifically, Save the Children has set an ambitious goal of 10x more engagement with youngsters involved in this topic.

This has a strategic grounding in both their digital transformation (to increasingly reach goals with technological tools), as well as bets on growth within the areas of mental wellbeing and digital offense. Oracle and BotSupply together have, with their strong technological and design thinking expertise, provided the foundations for Save The Children to enter the so called "Conversational Era".

Solution: A web-based chatbot powered by the Oracle Digital Assistant to supplement professional advisors, which also integrates to the contact system and their analytics software setup. Thus, the bot also generates call-backs, besides solving cases on its own. The solution was co-created with the StC team and end-users in accordance with the BotSupply Design Methodology, which has ensured a high level of quality assurance, professional accuracy and ethical dilemmas explicitly taken care of. This is critical in a use case where the pitfalls and potential mismatches of expectations are many, and we're happy to have received immensely positive feedback from StC project managers, psychologist and Senior management alike.

Results we're driving: More than 80% of users turn into defined "requests", which is the main KPI for the team. A request is defined as when a user has more than 3 interactions with the bot. Monthly user requests to SletDet up by a factor of 7 within the first 3 months. The initial growth spike has contributed to the StC team to believe in their ambitious strategy and want to put further gas on the fire with a supplementing marketing campaign. Continuous measurement of number of conversations vs. critical situations ensures that max 5% of the sessions reach the critical level (i.e. clearly expressed need for help, where the bot fails to help/understand) More than half the requests should come outside opening hours - as of today, the number is around 85% on average.

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