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Agreena provides financial incentives and innovative technology to enable farmers' green transition turning their soils into natural carbon sinks.

To meet global net-zero targets, both GHG reductions and carbon removals are necessary. With conventional agriculture accounting for ≅30% of all global emissions, as well as massive land degradation and biodiversity loss, a transition to regenerative agriculture at a global scale is pivotal. 

When farmers apply certain, regenerative practices, vegetation will naturally remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store the carbon in the soil. Then other benefits begin to grow. These include increased soil health, biodiversity and weather resilience as well as decreased on-farm emissions, use of fuel and labour costs. 

Nature-based solutions like carbon farming, which turns soils into natural carbon sinks, carry the promise of being the most cost-effective climate mitigation measures to reach a global net-zero society. However, with initial equipment investments required, the transition is still costly for farmers who run on razor-thin. 

That’s why Agreena has pioneered this climate incentive that turns a challenging transition into an attractive business case for farmers – with the financial backing of corporations looking to offset emissions and deliver solid impact within their ESG strategy.

Built for a global scale, AgreenaCarbon is supporting farmers across 17 European countries to reduce emissions, remove carbon and earn third-party, verified carbon credits that are tradable on the voluntary carbon market. The value of this market is estimated to grow from ≅$2B to ≅$50B by 2030, according to McKinsey

Agreena is a global first-mover when it comes to developing technology and carbon financing for farmers – pioneering one of the world’s first internationally accredited programmes for soil carbon sequestration. This is a new class of nature-based carbon removal credits.

While the market is expanding, what separates our product from other soil carbon programmes is our full integration of cutting-edge measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) technology. Using AI, ground-truth data and satellite imagery, our unique, built-in MRV protocols allow continuous monitoring of fields to ensure high-integrity carbon credits. 

By adopting regenerative practices, farmers are reducing emissions while also removing CO2 from the atmosphere and sequestering soil organic carbon in the ground. Agreena’s platform eases the transition and makes the efforts count. 

As a result, Agreena’s carbon farming platform plays a substantial role in supporting agriculture to combat climate change, as well as strengthening the agrifood systems’ resilience to climate-related, natural hazards. 

In addition to the emission reductions, the duration of our soil carbon programme – 40 years of permanence with continuous monitoring and reporting on field sequestration outcomes – will have a profound impact on the future environmental footprint of not only our farmers but of the global community as well. 

Our innovative technology stack invites farmers, corporations, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders to join forces in the fight against climate change and become part of one of the most promising solutions available: nature-based soil carbon sequestration. 

The user-friendly platform provides farmers with the financial incentives and digital tools to take on the regenerative transition needed, essentially by turning soil carbon into an extra ‘cash crop’. 

Each harvest year, farmers earn valuable, tradable CO2e credits – based on the outcomes of their new practices – carefully measured and third-party verified on a field-by-field level. Each credit earned represents one tonne of CO2e reduced or removed. On average, participating fields will generate 1-3 credits per hectare. Farmers stay in full control of their strategy.

Agreena has now contracted over 2 million hectares across Europe and has paid out more than €6M to participating farmers for the first two harvest years. 

The AgreenaCarbon programme is made to financially support farmers in their transition towards a regenerative farming system. It is a foundational principle that flexibility and freedom enable more farmers to engage sooner rather than later. To join, the farmers simply register on the Agreena platform and answer questions to provide documentation for current and planned practices. 

AgreenaCarbon provides a simple, yet thorough onboarding and gives instant access to an extra source of annual income, subject to the level of engagement. It does not dictate the path ahead for a farmer but rather promotes and rewards the desired actions and regenerative efforts made by the farmers. 

AgreenaCarbon is deliberately intended to work as a carrot that couples economic incentives to transitioning and bridges the financial gaps in the critical initial phase. Soon the environmental and economic benefits grow stronger and improve the resilience of each farming business. 

The carbon programme does not require specialist maintenance and is designed to be offered for farmers in many categories and transition trajectories. The farmers receive guidance for a best-practice strategy but decide individually what advice to follow. As such, the programme allows each farmer to control the pace. 

“Agreena allows us to essentially make our business and the agronomics of our business more sustainable long term. On the whole, this helps improve the farm’s business, ecology and the surrounding environment.”
– Adam Driver (UK)

Agreena has relied on both primary and secondary soil carbon research in the development of its soil carbon programme and technology platform. The company has worked closely with leading soil carbon scientists and agronomists and has established an External Carbon Advisory board for ongoing advice and counsel in its further development.

Agreena is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, market-leading in Europe and ready to scale globally. We have 200 dedicated employees with 40+ nationalities. Programme details are public on our website.

We are currently taking our farmers’ data inventory into the leading market standard  – the Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Our methodology (VM0042) has undergone extensive review and public consultation. Furthermore, our project description has undergone public consultation with Verra. Subject to quantification methodology, our farmers have sequestered x* megatonnes of CO2 in 2023.

Summary: Agreena is Europe’s #1 accredited soil carbon farming platform, trusted with more than 2 million hectares of farmland across 17 countries. Count on us to deliver positive, verified climate impact at scale. 

*The number is subject to quantification methodology, and since we are in the process of switching to Verra, we cannot publish it at this point.

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