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ARound Stadium

ARound provides stadium-wide augmented reality experiences for live sporting events allowing fans to come together to play, interact, and be part of the game.

ARound is a first-of-its-kind stadium-wide augmented reality platform that brings fans together and into the action through highly immersive, interactive, and shared AR experiences for live sports.

Using just a phone’s camera, fans sitting around a stadium can all see the same 3D effects and can participate in the same shared experiences.

As teams and leagues compete to capture fan attention, ARound has created the next generation of fan engagement platform that bridges the physical and digital in a way that is native to tweens and teens.

ARound’s platform enables completely new forms of live entertainment and fan engagement including massive multi-player gaming, real-time visual effects, next-gen stats, player animations, and more.

Together with the Minnesota Twins (MLB Baseball) and the Los Angeles Rams (NFL American Football), ARound launched the first-ever AR experience for live sports that allowed fans to join the action on the field and to play along with others at the stadium.

Key initial learnings with the Twins and Rams was that we can couple entertainment and education for young fans, helping them follow along with the game, learn about baseball and interact with the players. All while increasing their engagement in hopes of turning them into lifelong fans. For example, with the Twins and the Rams, our average app engagement time per game was greater than the total amount of action time during a game.

Further, ARound opens many new doors for sports sponsorships and the value brought to in-stadium, interactive entertainment with new marketing channels and new means to monetize their stadium, team, and players assets.

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