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Weld Money

Weld is the first Decentralised Visa and MC payment card

Interstellar Lab

Interstellar Lab designs and builds systems to help life thrive on Earth and expand in space.


Blockchain-based document management system for Web 3.0

Regrow Ag/ Sustainability Insights

Regrow ag’s Sustainability Insights software empowers organizations to reduce agricultural supply chain emissions and report science-based outcomes.

D-Orbit / ION Satellite Carrier

ION Satellite Carrier is D-Orbit’s OTV, designed to meet the needs of the evolving space industry in terms of logistics, fleet management, and disposal


GitGuardian is the ultimate security layer for developers.
It detects hard-coded secrets in commits and repositories, and helps with prevention and remediation.


Acheel is the first generalist digital insurance company in France.
We have an hybrid business model : half BtoC and half BtoBtoC, and the lowest prices.


Myelin-H is a software company providing technology for remote monitoring and treatment of neurological disorders.


CrowdSec is the Waze of firewalls. With CrowdSec Internet exposed servers not only protect themselves proactively but also share aggressive IPs among them.


A platform in which real plants create and sell digital twin NFTrees seeding the foundation of an interspecies economy

Broker X-Ray

Broker X-Ray is an AI tool that scans a brokerages entire book of business to predict customers who are likely to cancel or policies at are at an E&O risk

Card79 / Kintsugi Upgrades

Kintsugi Upgrades is an NFT collection that combines medieval artifacts with enhanced technologies using the ancient Japanese mending process “kintsugi.”

The Exploration Company

We develop, manufacture and operate reusable spaceships which fly to space stations around the Earth and the Moon. We use green propellants and fly in 2023.

AeroFarms Community Farms

AeroFarms has recently built and deployed 9 new Community Farm units that will provide an additional 2 tons of fresh food access to 4,500+ local students.

Dhana Inc – D/Sphere

Accelerating Upcycling Using Digital Tools to Fuel Creative, Conscious and Circular Fashion
D/Sphere is a B2B2C fashion technology platform.

Speechmatics: Financial Language Pack

Speechmatics has revolutionized STT in FinTech, with our new Financial Language Pack. Trained on 200,000 hours of earnings calls, we’ve reduced errors by 40%.


Profilum provides innovative career counseling methodologies and IT solutions for teenagers that help them make informed educational and career choices.

Solomon Ears

We are building something spectacular for the music industry. A mix of IoT, DLT, AI and BigData on a social platform that brings democracy and decentralization

Vuforia Work Instruction

Vuforia Work Instruction is our latest Augmented Rality Solution Out of the Box to empower the worker to permer better his task using AR and AI.

ARound Stadium

ARound provides stadium-wide augmented reality experiences for live sporting events allowing fans to come together to play, interact, and be part of the game.

Check’In by Artifeel

Check’In is the very first alarm you don’t need to activate.
Always ON, its AI makes the difference between normal entries in your home and intrusion attempts.


Technical clothing made with biomaterials from nature, carefully selected for maximum performance and to preserve the environment

1fs Wealth

1fs Wealth is an innovative SaaS WealthTech platform that allows wealth owners to control their assets globally through the efficient use of data & technology

Bytro’s evolving culture

In 2020 Bytro officially went remote and never looked back. In 2022, due to an employee initiative, it’s the first German company to implement a 4-day workweek.

FundamentalVR and Houston Methodist

FundamentalVR and MITIE created a virtual auditorium and study spaces to offer engaging teaching and immersive learning to medical students across the globe.

Hebys NFT Search Engine

HEBYS is a complete NFT Search Engine that includes also Portfolio Management, Marketplace, Launchpad, and API Gateway with AI-based features.

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