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Save 30% of people time. Birò moves among the city traffic as a moped rather than as a car, saving at least 30% time to reach any city destination and helping to find a parking space much closer to it.  Birò does not need to stop to recharge (thanks to its removable battery) and can be quickly charged from every plug of any room in the world, thanks to its very low energy consumption.

Free 75% of city space. Birò’s record minimal size (1mx1,7m) occupies one fourth of the surface taken by a common car. In a city like Rome (2.700.000 cars), if all the cars would be replaced by Birò a surface of  more than 15 millions square meters would be returned to people’s use: enough to open more than 2.000 soccer fields!

Zero fine powders emission.  While driving Birò emits no dangerous fine powders (PM10), that are considered responsible for 10% of breathing illness causing death and for 30% bronchitis.

Zero  CO2 emission. Birò is fully electric and (if charged from a renewable source) produces zero CO2, while a car driving 10.000 km emits 1.600 kg CO2 . Considering one tree “regenerates” 15 kg CO2 per year, driving Birò instead of a car is like planting more than 100 trees.

Spare 75% on cost per km.  Thanks to its record light-weight, Birò needs only 20% of the energy normally used by a car. Thanks to its native ”ready to share” connectivity, it can be easily  used by many users as, granting a  further increase in productivity & sustainability.

Supporter of the Planet: Birò O2 model is made of up to 80% recycled plastic. The trunk, the front and rear bumpers, structural components of the vehicle, are made with plastic material recovered from components for tractors, cabins and from our processing waste. Which means 55 to 70 kg less plastic on our planet for every Birò O2.

THIS IS WHAT ESTRIMA & BIRÒ ARE ABOUT:  offering the most efficient four wheels mobility  on the market

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Guido Prosperi


Giuseppe Mastroddi


Dinesh Chothe


Pierpaolo Moruzzi


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